ZelrynZelryn Ban Appeal
Yep. That happened.
Multiple instances of violating this rule occurred, specifically:
  • On the 11th, you engaged in ERP as an underage character.
  • Several instances of pushing your character's sexual escapades on others, trying to rope them in, the worst example being in front of three other characters, where you detailed being partially nude and then undressing:
Quote:[06:28] Zelryn looked to <redacted>, rolling her eyes. "Sure." She said, walking over to the table, putting out four cups, pouring them all full of Sake. "Come have a drink.. But don't expect me to stay dressed." She said as she got comfortable, acting like a bra and panties was a lot of clothes.

[06:28] <redacted> says, "A-Are we going to swim? You're already in your bathing suit."
[06:28] Zelryn says, "This isn't a bathing suit, it's my underwear.."
[06:28] <redacted> says, "You should go change, then..."

Zelryn sighed, shaking her head. She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, throwing it behind her, pulling her panties off, doing the same. "This. This is my bathing suit. It's also secondary sleepwear." She said, now fully nude.

This is grounds for a permaban. And should you ever be allowed back into the game, you will be permanently banned from roleplay of any sexual nature.
If you're aware of or suspect anyone with similar offenses, DM me their character names and I'll look into it.

If your plot has an explicit sexual focus, keep it out of the game. This includes multiple partners, ERPing daily, etc. The rule has been amended to reflect this.
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