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Since there is a dragon tooth spawn in the mountains, figured there may be a good piece of lore rewrite to make it available to be used safely by Religious Draks.

Quote:Dragon's shed their teeth constantly as they age, growing a new tooth to replace the lost one shortly after. A typical shed tooth is highly damaged from being worn down from the meals and saliva of the dragon, further damaged by a dragon typically ingesting the tooth shortly after. A damaged tooth that is dropped by a dragon during a hunt is still highly prized by alchemists and smiths, either grinding it down into a powder to mix with potions or steel, or the tooth being forged into a dagger spear, or short sword, depending on its size. 

Pristine Dragon Teeth are rare, only typically acquired via slaying a dragon or one given to someone by the Dragon itself. Being granted a Dragons tooth is a great honor for most people. These teeth carry the full potency of a dragon part.

Essentially with this lore rework, dragon teeth found spawned on the map are of a lesser state than a Dragon's tooth given as an event reward. However it would mean that a Drakanite using a Dragon's tooth is not a manner of sacrilege in their religion due to Dragons shedding and regrowing their teeth throughout their life.
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