NoobHuggerA noobs thoughts and apology to the playerbase.
Hey guys, long time no talk.

I just wanted to express myself a bit. Sorry ahead if I go on and on.

First thing I want to say. Is although some people had good experiences with me and my chars I made. I also know I wronged many in my short period here in e3. I just want to formally say I am sorry I put my own interests and views ahead of others. It was not right for me in a game where hundreds play. Like I played with only what I wanted half the time. And I realize how childish that is. Never thinking twice about what the other players might think. Or take a meme too far. It just bothers me. I could have made a positive impact or at least. Not such a bad one I made.

I handled so many situations just badly. Especially dangerous and deadly ones. I acted like a child and threw tantrums pretty much. Thinking back its just so silly and rude of me and that is me being nice to myself with my wording. Even if I never get unbanned. I fully accept what I have done and it just irks me. This game has such a cool playerbase and I just I dont think I came to this game at the right time.

Counselling really has helped me open my eyes with my ways. I just wish I grew up sooner and before it was too late.

With friendships irl or how I handled things in game. I always wondered why my friends left me and now I realize it was because how I handled things. Getting sober really has helped too. In a way im glad things happened because I would not have things to reflect on. 

Ill finish my thoughts off. Thank you for everyone that gave me chances and the admins that let me play after I messed up again and again. This game was a great discovery and it honestly helped me grow up a bit. So thank you for letting me play as long you did and given me as many chances that you guys gave me. Bless you all. I even made some real friendships with some players here and I am thankful for those chances.

Sorry for being so long winded. I just felt I needed to addresss my mistakes and just vent a bit.

I am sorry for everyone I wronged, and for all the excuses I made for myself.

Have a goodnight everyone and stay safe during this pandemic. Love Noobhugger33.

PS: Can you guys recommend me some games to play?
i can recommend games to play if you do not get unbanned, most are singleplayer some are mmos. just poke me on discord Silkie#4348. for now i go back to sleep.
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