ludsteri guess ludi is dming again
Character: Corel
Which Event: Target Quest: Frightful Tales of Esshar: The Bereaved

Responsiveness: They were Lightning fast, it was pretty 
Balance: One fight... That made me feel like I was doing a Savage Raid in FF14. Even though we knew what was coming. We still got bonked on the head.  
Storytelling : Without even telling us what happened. The clues we picked together from a small puzzle. Told us everything we needed. Left a lot up to the mind, which was great. It made the boss fight just that much more intense.
Fairness: Tooooo Fair. Even if you got a perm? It was a boon for your dev! How can you go wrong!? It's a win-win.

Overall: 10/10

Any other comments: I support for president.
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