JessSpirit Dancers
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"The art of communing with the unseen through dance is a practice that so very few can ever hope to understand, to communicate with the world beyond what can be properly seen or felt with the senses of our bodies.. Everything has a Spirit, every rock, tree, and person. Each of them carry a story, a tale, and even if we cannot see it.. a life."

"Though these stories that exist all around us..? They desire to be told, to be heard, to be felt and for those of us who can reach them..? We may tell their stories with our bodies in honor of them, and in return..? They grant us their strength, and their wisdom."

Messengers spread throughout the Tribelands, the words of Shaman D'noxa Aba carried upon their lips to aid her in her search. The known Spirit Dancer wishes to find and teach those her art if they believe themselves to have the aptitude, or even simply enlighten the unenlightened if they are curious as to it's nature.

Though rumors follow in the wake of this announcement, could she also be seeking her apprentice?

OOC: Anyone interested in arranging a scene for this is free to shoot me a DM at Jessss#0018 to arrange something!
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