CrystikRageCrystik DM
Key/Character: Majin Okabe
Which Event: Demonic Water Lotus Hallucination Cave

(I don't do out of ten because it's a dumb scale of measurement for this, ptoo)

Responsiveness: While it wasn't a perfect response time, Crystik was able to narrate to three different groups of us who were all separated at us to provide a really cool experience during the event -- And even then, we still didn't have to wait that long for narrates.

Balance: For the injuries dealt out and the rewards we got, I'd say just about everything here was perfect. Much of our injuries were due to our own fault, and the puzzles were really fun to figure out (even if the IC move for some of us was literally brute force.) Each reward was fantastically tailored to the environment of the event and the story that was being told there, as well as fitting into what everyone asked for.

Storytelling:  The event had a really gripping atmosphere and sold its antagonist very well. The buildup to the actual fight against the one EC we had was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Each of the parts of the event we went through also had a really cool way of tying into our ICs as well, and really helped us all get a look at our characters.

Fairness: The EC's moveset was incredibly fair to fight against, not terribly spammy or hidden-reliant at all, and every round felt extremely close and won by the skin of our teeth (especially the final round, phew)

Overall: Honestly? One of my favorite events that I've been on, fantastic job king.

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