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"What's up it's everyone's favorite reporter Ayla Mao here comin to you with the next edition of THE most up to date news, The Steely Post! This week we're wrapping up our reporting from the recent outbreak of riots in the Caranha islands! They've been quelled, the locals helping our brave men and women put this down in a peaceful in orderly fashion. With them back fully into the welcoming arms of the Empire its about time for this paper to jet onto another front, but before I do I did a few interviews around the islands. Please skip ahead to the bottom if you'd like to read some messages of support gathered by yours truly~ Heart "

"But, I'm sure you're all curious where next? Well, as has been requested by truly a staggering amount of mail, I'm off to everyone's favorite stubborn front, ESSHAR! That's right, I'll soon be hitting that absolute mess of a front, bringing morale to our loyal soldiers and helping the locals understand just truly what they're missing out on by not hopping on board. But for that I'll need your help dear readers!

Making a paper is hard work and even harder when you're just one woman, mechanical arm notwithstanding! So dear Barsburgians, Essharians and whatever otherians you are, send me your applications. Messenger bird, courier, what have you, I'll be glad to have your fan mail, your applications, but please, not your love letters. Its sweet but everyone knows I only love the Machine!

You'll find my deets in the bottom below the quotes, I eagerly await your messages and soon enough, I'll see you all in Esshar!

Keep us moving you beautiful cogs!"

Quote:"Before Barsburg it was all chaos, now I have a home and a steady job. People are just struggling to change, give us time and we'll be the best addition to the empire!"

Quote:"Sure it's been bad, but with Barsburg it'll definitely be way (censored) better!"

Quote:"We love (censored) you Barsburg!"

Wanna make Pro Barsburg Propaganda with me? Do interviews only to unscrupulously edit them into a news report every week or two so that our favorite machine faction can truly feel oppressive? And did you want to do it under the watchful eye of a woman who is completely fanatical and has the energy of a twitch streamer?

DM DanteFalcon#2098. I'm looking forward to writing some insanity.
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