SpaceShadowA Fortune for Water Crystals?
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Water Crystal Collection: World Event
Character: Nelly Einhardt
Time: TBD
We will set up near where water crystals can be collected. It will be a good chance for people to get some early cash and I would like to give out 2 Dev materials. Players would gather to collect water crystals normally. I'm hoping we can spawn in monsters, or increase respawn. I have plans for both and if we can't I do have a fall back plan. For every water crystal turned into Nelly we would pay out twice the regular price. So it would help people get some early money. For the first person to turn in TBD crystals they would be awarded a Dev material as well as the person to turn in the most or TBD first. Players are free to come and go as they please, so it will be a passive world event people can visit if they don't have rp going on and show up late to make a some quick cash.

Rp Flavor:
Nelly Einhardt use to be part of a wealthy family who traded weapons. They were returning to Esshar when their ship was destroyed by a storm. Now all with the riches that she could find she seems to be trading them all away just for water crystals. She seems obsessed with them willing to give away every last piece of coin and materials she found to collect them faster. She even went through the effort of sending out messengers to spread the word all over Esshar. 

Side notes:
I don't really want Nelly to get anything from this other than whatever water crystals that were turned in. I think this would be really nice for people to get started after the TS. I'm planning this so that people have both a chance to get some good gold in their pockets to start and as well to have some potential to get some Dev materials. I'm willing to run this for an extra 2 hours longer then my suggestion.
Tone: Fun and competitive.
Risks: None unless people fight each other for crystals.
Desired reward: Two Dev materials up for grab and just the water Crystals for Nelly.

DM: Looking for one!!
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