That One GuyUnban Request
Key: SomaCruz982

Ban Duration: Indefinite

Date of Ban: Around 2017

Reason Supplied: Metagame

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned:

So. It has been 3 years or almost 3. I had a lot of time to evolve as a player and a person and I do believe that everything that happened is water under the bridge. Enough time has passed and I believe it's at least worth a shot. I don't have a side of the story to tell, just the fact that I believe enough time has gone by to pay up this long Ban I got.
Specifically, you were banned three times in total, twice for harassing/stalking different players to the point of meta grudging them after dying and making threats over Discord & LOOC (in 2017 and 2018), and the final one was this ban, in 2019, where it was decidedly made permanent. Some of the characters this occurred on were 'Kalameet' and 'Artorius'.

I do realize a good amount of time has passed since then however (though one year, not three), but this is to remain as too many chances were given and there wasn't any real liability for your actions shown in each instance.
I see. I didn't quite remember that it has been just one year since my last ban. Well. I just wanted to appeal for it, that's all. For time if nothing else. The last thing I was able to find about the situation was from three years ago. That's where my miscalculation came from. Thank you for the time to answer anyway.
All good. Best of luck, and perhaps you learn something from this in other communities.
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