Enginseer-42Silver's Bane. Apprentices Wanted
Silverbane Apprentices
The aging Dwarf has set out to obtain apprentices for the coming years, adopting Orphans, offering pay to wayward youths, and outright purchasing likely prospects from those families willing to depart with an extra child for some hard cash.
Those foundlings who find themselves in his care can expect...

  • To never be referred to as blood family, but as either 'Foundling' or 'Apprentice'.
  • To have foster siblings of nearly any race and background, so long as they have some connection to Earth Magic. (Earth, Metal, and Crystal given preference.)
  • To have learned more about rocks than any sane person would want to know.
  • To spend at least half your youth in a mine, learning the ins and outs of mining.
  • To be raised in the Onolartum, the worship of the spirits of the mountain and introduced to the mysteries of stone-speaking.
  • To be trained in smithing, and subsequently the art of swordsmanship and more particularly axemanship.
  • To hear near daily curses about the Teraphim, and the vilest of imprecations about those who worship Aschea.
  • To inherit the Paradox Obsidian, a lump of unique obsidian obtained during the quest to create Dun Task's Gateway, that the Dwarf never got around to smithing into something.
  • To be introduced to the members of the Task Family, and given none-too-subtle hints as to who you work for by the dwarf.

    This is for characters post-TS. As these are not blood relatives, more or less any age that makes sense is allowed, along with nearly any race that makes sense.
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