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"It was the first night of winter in the year of 1780 when the Black Wolf appeared from the skies, descending down on Esshar like the shadow of death itself, lured in by the recent great war and the devastating genocide that took place in the capital. The plague that followed the omen only seemed to infect those that were marked by the act of murder, thousands of killers and soldiers dying in the brief space of a month. Many that survived awoke as transformed beastkin of Saekanis, yet the war between Myllenoris and Barsburg only raged on...As if this calamity was nothing in the face of human ambition." 
- Recalling the events of the Pandemonium Chase

The seventeenth century was host to a number of profound changes and led to the total collapse of the Petrakis dynasty and by extension the Kingdom of Esshar, the invasion of the Empire of Barsburg, and the long war that followed as the reach of the foreign force expanded and conquered.

For an entire generation there was a deadlock between the land of Myllenoris and the Empire of Barsburg. While the latter consolidated its control in the region and reached out for easy pickings, the Teraphim continued to fortify its defences and hinder the movements of the enemy in the south. Just as this hot and cold conflict escalated to the point of siege camps moving on one another in a closely fought battle that tore up the country, a natural calamity swept in from the west... A group of Gehennan spirit-seekers were on the tail of Saekanis, the Divine Spirit of Winter, following the movements of the plague wolf after it reawakened in their lands. The tribe, Moxtli, a branch of the great Cruxati tribe, tracked the black wolf to the far eastern lands of Esshar where it had been lured in by the surge of chaotic emotion - particularly that of the genocide in Osrona, where many restless spirits still laid dormant and trapped. 

The divine spirit's shadow swept through the country like water filling a river, spreading immediate illness. Notably, those that had committed murder were grievously affected by the plague, many of them dying in the first week. Soldiers, both current and veterans, and bandits fell like flies. The plague, however, spared all beastkin. They were seemingly immune. And a number of the survivors of the plague awoke with black, midnight hair, sharp elongated fangs and wolf ears, as well as a newfound connection to the wilds with their patron spirit in Saekanis. 

Many hundreds of beastkin across the country would begin a  migration and work with the spirit-seekers to quell Saekanis, trying to appease the wrath of the divine. They succeeded, partly, placating the wolf, though it never did leave Esshar's lands for good.

This did not put an end to the war.

In fact, it accelerated it. Finding that the Empire was worse off since the plague began in Osrona, Myllenoris and its allies moved in immediately to capitalize on the calamity. While visible distressed spirits haunted the streets of the once Shimmering City, and black soil cursed its farmland, a small, tired army moved in. Choosing to abandon the ruined capital and instead gather at Achyon, the war had come to an end. Sticking to their agreement to return the capital to the former nobility - or what remained of them, anyway - the Teraphim had decidedly 'restored the balance' and corrected the past mistakes that led to this in part. Afterwards, many of the Teraphim underwent a great pilgrimage to reconnect with the fragments of their goddess, Aschea - travelling beyond the physical realm and crossing the border to the netherworld, sealing off the Vale behind them, where they'd be unable to return but live immortalized. A few lingered and helped to guide the humans that inherited Myllenoris, or simply wandered the lands.

Twenty years later and on the dawn of a new century, the curtain unfolds once more.

Factions & Starting Points
The two dominant factions are the two cities, Acyhon and Osrona, with a number of small groups that don't quite have the same amount of manpower or military prowess. These two cities are the largest areas on the map and considered the major hubs of roleplay, though there's guilds and such laced in between and around. Each will have an assigned DM and weekly event that ties in the overall world arc.

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Achyon, the City of Metal
The home of the Empire, taken before the fall of Osrona. A place of innovation, where the terrifying potential of mankind is harnessed. While still connected to Barsburg, for the most part it acts independently and follows the guidance of the Entity - A manmade god that's a collection of memories of former captains and officials, put together by the finest surviving artificers briefly after the calamity took many of their lives.  

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Osrona, the City of Magic
Largely in a state of uncertainty. Leading guilds wrestle for control and influence with three notable contenders at the head of their own armies. It no longer acts under a kingship and the authority of nobility has since faded, where instead a Council of prominent Magi select an Archmagi to lead the people and its respective territories. Of which there currently is no one - it was decided that the person who has the greatest showing in the coming expedition to the Primordial Dungeons would inherit the power of Archmagi and bear the Crown of Mikhail. 

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Moxtli, the Tribes (sub-faction)
Forming after the mass movement of beastkin, many stayed behind to learn the ways of Gehenna and shamanism. In an era of magitech advancement and great cities, there was a sense of disconnect for many beastkin who felt like they had lost touch with their true nature, and thus it became a perfect fit. This collection of tribes spread out through the wildlands and would practice a new form of Tocathianism. 
All beastkin begin here.

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Fireblooded Temple, Gate to the Dragon Kingdom (sub-faction)
At the base of the northern mountain sits a guarded temple where the drakanites convene and congregate. A place of worship and ambition, protecting the secluded land of Theria beyond it. (Kept brief due to current IC happenings!)
All drakanite begin here.
Available Roles & Groups
[Image: unknown.png]
Many of the 'minor' roles are designed to be played in groups, such as a travelling group of Sirenian pirates or a merchant business. The 'lineage' section will also let you state your interest in playing in a particular family, and while not exactly a role, does have its own hook and often segways into the roleplay nicely. You can be of a particular family while also applying for a major/minor role if desired.

Applications are currently not open. Will likely be a few weeks yet before they are, and we'll make an announcement so everyone's aware. This is a good time to think of a character concept as lore posts are released.

  • Leadership role in Osrona - You'll lead a sizeable force and you're contending for the title of Archmagi, tasked with the running of a faction.
  • Leadership role in Achyon - Similar to the City of Osrona, though there is no leadership contest. Rather you carry out the will of the Empire and the Entity.
  • Synthetic - A 'transcended' that's entirely artifical, linked in to the Entity's hivemind. The peak of the Empire's magitech shows itself in a being that never feels pain nor falls ill.
  • Vampire - ...

  • Fireblooded - Leadership figure in the dragon temple.
  • Tribe Leader - Leadership figure in the tribes.
  • Priest - Member of the reformed Church. Begins with Blessing.
  • Grimmore - They broke away from the kingdom shortly after the Osrona-Myllenoris war, and have since gathered their own independent force and became something of a problem for the city. Surely whoever purges them should be considered the Archmagi.
  • Elder - Continuing your character post-timeskip as an elder/mentor, a guide. A storyteller and a figure that acts as support. Limited spaces.
  • Apprentice Witch - Learning from an aged witch, you are a part of a coven. 
  • Dragon Slayer - An order of dragon slayers tasked and equipped to hunt dragonkind and the threat they pose. Begins with +5 fire def soulbound to an item.
  • Maid Cafe - ... It's since relocated, but still going strong. For some reason.

  • Sarradian - Wandering merchant, custom spell tree focused around the four elements. Likely to be coordinated in a group depending on interest.
  • Siren - Fish-y pirates, custom spell tree with a water spirit familiar. Likely to be coordinated in a group depending on interest.
  • Razuka - The rat variant of beastkin tend to act as enforcers for questionable bosses and/or take to banditry.
  • Teraphim - A wanderer that did not cross the bridge into the netherworld to rejoin with Aschea. 

(Both a lineage and a role are possible, though it's not necessary for a role or expected. Based on players who have opted to have their lineage listed here.)
Aertas: A noble family in Achyon of renowned artificers. 
Docro:  A noble family in Acyhon that 'bought' its way in by helping to conquer Osrona from the inside. Often dealing in illicit tradings, such as the infamous drug sylavanum. Crime family. Relic: Yahoel.
Volkova: A noble family in Achyon with a particular focus on infilitration and espionage. 
Pelleaux: A noble family in Osrona. Typically blue hair.
Astor: A noble family in Osrona. Typically gold hair.
Taiyang: A family of traditional kitsunes. Relic: Jiuweihu's Epitome. Osrona based. 
Soleis: A family of knights. Relic: Caledwlch. Osrona based.
Vartuul: A family of silver-haired drakanites. 
Task: Known bandits and mobsters. History of occultism. Crime family, may rival the Docro or ally with them.
If you have a few minutes, please fill out this form which is a check on the factions and races so we can gauge interest! You can also provide feedback and such if desired. Thanks! 

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The confirmed date is going to be on the 25th, two weeks from now on a Friday, likely around 6PM EST! A week prior to that we'll be opening applications as well as a 'road call', and helping to organize the various groups so you have good foundations to work with. 
On the weekend post-TS there are several different introductory events scheduled, with the prior Friday night for faction organizing and a time to ease in. These are,

Quote:Osrona - The first of the Primordial Dungeons, dungeon (likely Sunday)
Moxtli - Group festival, public (likely Sunday)
Achyon - Appearance of the Coalescence and the events to follow, public (likely Saturday)
Dragon Temple - A pilgrimage into the heart of the mountain, dungeon (likely Saturday)

If you'd be interested in running a world event and would like to to do so, please send a DM and let me know! By doing so you pledge to be called upon on a whim where I'll help to set up the event/brainstorm, but you'll mainly be left to your own devices. I only ask that you're reliable and if you commit to an event proposal you stick with it.
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