Shaqdaddy94GRAND OPENING! The Dragon's Maid Cafe (5pm Est)
Smoke would rise from the former Warlord house that once belong to one the fastest ookami in history. Though the smell would go throughout Theria air. A smell of food, drinks and many other flavors. Papers would be posted all over for those who seek for a good time and fun. A certain ooker and three beautiful women would be seen for all the people to hear.

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Quote:Hello everyone, I would like you all to join and come lay back and have a good time at the The Dragon's Maid Café. Unlike most taverns or bars you be served by my lovely workers. Nako, Diamara and Estra. We range from all sorts of food and beverages We also be hosting events one days well for fun and enjoyment. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sandwiches, Stir-fry, Sake, Vodka, Codcakes, Tomato soup, Tea and Etc

Today we will have surprise services and such more in the future. After all everyone loves a good surprise yes?

Examples: Today a Dating Auction!

So come on down and have a good time. We also sometimes surprise you with guest you never think would have such a outfit on. Who knows expect the unexpected.
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Those who do not know the location would be shown its at the highest area of the city of Theria once you go up the stairs. Make a left and go across the bridge and the first house they come across. We open soon (5pm Est)
[Image: image0.png]Nako is ready!
I guess I do art.
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This is a neutral zone. Please no fighting and everyone should be able to get home safe! Have a wonderful day!
With the closing of the first day opening. The Botcher would cough.

"A bit rowdy on things and alot occured. For those who didnt like the taste of it. That is fine and i accept the reviews and feed back. This is only a start and i plan to keep doing other types of events. I like feed back and dont pull punches. The next event i promise will be much more in light of things. We be hosting a arm wrestling contest. The next would be a race around Theria's area. There will be check points and the Cafe will be the finish. The start will be all the way up mountain through the mines and through the battle area. Then back to the Cafe. The winner shall recieve a awesome prize. Stay tuned. Feed back is nice. Again dont hold back.
It seems like a lot of fun people showed up to the auction!
I'm sure you can recognize a bunch of people here! Why not join in on the fun next time?
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Hello all this is your favorite ooker speaking. The Dragon Maid Cafe will be hosting a dancing ball for those seeking to come. Of course our lovely ladies and gentlemen will be there. Though this a chance for those who wanting to have one last dance to enjoy. A way to see familiar faces and lovely times. I also would push for our lovely singer of Esshar herself to appear to sing for the Ball if she is interested. Who knows. 

We will have side games which my good maids and butlers will be hosting. So come when you can or send a letter for more details. 

For those who need clothing. I will provide assistance. ( 3 lucky people getting a free sub) Come with or without mask. No fighting neutral area. Drinks and food will be given. Lets all have good time. Thank you  very much.

Time: Monday 9/7/2020 and 6:30 Est
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We be holding the dance at the Theria theater. 6:30 pm est (if you need clothes they be provided when you come to the door)
Results of the Ball:

Due to circumstances things had occur which cause a set back. But do not think this stops me from pushing forward. 

[Image: e453046d39e8465293e579184dd7e82b.png]

[Image: 8c3e996f9c0a033785a4b29af09e0e3c.png]

As long my name is Tonak Botcher the fun will not stop. Because nothing stops a good time in my eyes. Next event is under way as we speak. Look forward to seeing you all!
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Nako had a great time!
I guess I do art.
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I see the flyers and i seen the the talk. So you want to compete with me. Fine. 
The Dragon Maid Café will be reopening. We will have menus and prices that are amazing and brings joy to all. As a man who has been around for as long as many can say. I will make sure my staff fulfills your mind, body and soul. We will provide food. But fine medical crafts. The fee for basic healing 200 coin. The fee for a kit is 750. 

Food: Bread, Ramen, Pumpkin Pie. Sandwiches, Salads etc. will be 50 coins
Beverages: Sake, Vodka, Ale, Grape wine etc. will be only 25 coins

We be also hosting game night for your gamblers. Different games to come and we be hosting events as well as i done in the past. Those who have experience it would know me for a man to go up and beyond for customers. We also be having a two raffles. To play it be 500 coins. The prizes are out of this world. ( 1 month sub or $10  ) 

Trust there will be much more to come. As for my competition. This is only the beginning. I have much more grand schemes to come. So everyone come enjoy the Grand Reopening of The Dragón Maid Café. See you soon. Also daily visitors will gain vouchers for surprise future prizes. Expect things to just happen out of nowhere. See you soon!

10/1/2020 (6pm)
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