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Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce a weekly concept that might help people engage with roleplay in a new way. It might not be comfortable, and it may be hard to do, which is why I ask that people do what they think is reasonable. Please don't make yourself upset for trying something new. I want to help people try new things, not hurt them.

Onto the challenge. (This is going to be very autistic, but in a good way?)

Based on this video here, I learned about the importance of everyday objects. Not just our swords, our weapons, our ores, but a lot of other things that we tend to forget about, like the scenery around us, the objects and things we hold, the stuff that we wear... everything.

I want to challenge people (if you have not already, which I certainly have not), to use more descriptive terms when interacting with objects, or in more mundane scenes... notice! Notice the sky, the time, the shadows. These features can change based on the emotions you feel, from a calm sunset to a feverishly hot one. Looming or mundane shadows. I just want to share some ideas that I felt that the community might enjoy. I'll try to do one every week, if people enjoy the thought of trying new ideas. Don't be excessive about it, but its something to try. I know I will!

TL;DR - Try using more objects in your roleplay, or even have them be more front and center!
This is a cool idea.
description is key, definitely. it sets the mood and it sets the scene really well.

show, don't tell.
[Image: unknown.png]
My character already does this luckily cause she's a fox. Curious, curious, curious!
[Image: cLqE2F8.png][Image: 6a80e83f676006462821fa550d8d8339.png]
In light of recent events, I want to offer another roleplay challenge this week. First and foremost, please remember the following.

"It is okay to start over."

It really is. You might miss your character, and I certainly will miss Maize and Pom Pom when the time skip occurs. However, people will remember most not which character that you played, but how you made them feel. They will remember that you gave them a good story, or gave them a good time relaxing.

Naturally, the more people this opens up to the more people are encouraged to play the game.

I want to invite people to do the following and I'll explain afterwards:

Live your character's life with conflict at the forefront.

What does this mean? Why conflict? Well, a good story usually has a conflict, or at the very least tension. That conflict or tension should not be contingent on another person being around. I know it seems silly to say this to an experienced roleplay audience, but in the few weeks we have left in this time skip, I want to ask people to get contentious. Create conflict between characters, get angry, sad, frustrated, scared, with other characters. Develop grudges of the in character kind.

I have noticed a trend that people and some entire kingdoms forgive or at least forget the transgressions of each other in a heartbeat, which does not always make sense (at least that's what I think is going on). It is okay to love a character while also invoking conflict with that character. I am especially at fault of not doing this, as I generally try to keep my characters less stressful. However, I also know that if I don't do this, it may some days become more boring.

Maeyomi, bless her heart, has been a key source of tension and conflict in Pom Pom's life. She's the one who pushes challenges and demands that Pom Pom normally would not take, but because she has a pride of a dragon, she must take them. She is a great example of someone who loves to roleplay and does it well. However, she is not the only reason Pom Pom trains, and Pom Pom would train regardless of whether Maeyomi was around.

All I can ask next is to remember to be civil, and don't be mean to the experience a player has. It is still okay to metagame in favor of story. If you see a new player that needs help, please remember to stay in character yes, but remind yourself that you want conflict but not resentment. I should not see anyone attempting to grind green players for Activity Points, but rather introducing a character to the world and then, posing yourself as a threat or some sort of enemy to start them off if they're of an enemy faction, as you should.

I don't know, this feels like a long rant, but remember: Conflict should be at the center of any good story.

Unless you're familiar with Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu, but I don't think that applies here.

Once again, I expect chatter here to be civil, and honest. Not necessarily that you agree.
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