Poll: What date/time is good?
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Tuesday, 6 PM
1 11.11%
Wednesday, 6 PM
1 11.11%
Friday, 3-6 PM
3 33.33%
Saturday 3-6 PM
4 44.44%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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BabyFatJesusStirring within the Void
[Image: tumblr_nl4zbo1Uqe1t14g4co1_500.jpg]

Something's out there. Something's taken notice.

You can feel it approaching.
What it wants? To become more than it is now.

(( This will be an event centered around Alabastre in particular. It will be public, so any allies of Alabastre will be welcome to attend as well. Smile Fill out the poll above to decide on a date when Alabastre would like for this event to occur. The times are all in Eastern Standard Time, and for Friday and Saturday, I do not work so can hold this event earlier than 6 PM if that works better for the players. ))
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