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Quote:I hate this place. Not a single moment goes by where I do not reminisce of home.
Even with the reason I had to come here.
I hate you, Father- Nay, Dissident. You are not part of my family.
It does not matter. Even if I had been cast out instead of coming here on my own volition.
I will show the good will of the Machine.
How more efficient their lives can be.
How we are putting humanity where it belongs.

A single letter lost amidst the many others sent towards the Empire. Weirdly enough, it was not the only one identical to this; It was addressed simply to the Aertas Household in the Capital City, with no further description than that. Certainly, this letter being sent multiple times is the raw result of hatred, and nothing more.
Regardless, it comes at a most opportune time. Amidst the city of Osrona, a dark smoke starts to rise once the factory under the command of the lieutenant finds itself finally working proper. Day and night, every day of the week, the factory pours out black smoke into the skies of the city. Runes, cast from raw steel, are poured out in an increasing number as capable hands grow under careful training.
The industrialization of Western Esshar has begun, and it did so under the hands of the first self-proclaimed Barsburgian Master Engineer on this side of the Continent.
Quote:Oh glorious Grand Marshal...
The plans proceed as established.
For too long have the savages been able to walk through these lands untouched.
We will take it all, in due time. Once my last advancements bear fruit.
Feel no need to pardon my family from its crimes - I come here for my own sake alone.
Traitors must rot. The advances I make are my merit alone.

A single piece of paper from the new captain of the Iron Reavers platoon is found amidst many lost letters, reclaimed and sent through to the homeland yet again. This time, it wasn't addressed towards the Aertas household, but rather to the imperial palace itself. Regardless of which, the original one seems to continue lost, filled with plenty of words that overlapped between themselves, impossible to read.

At the same time, however, several rods of metal seem to be put through the entirety of the Osronan dominion, all the way to their very borders- Although nothing has been spoken of their purpose, the common answer given by the common working man being that it is naught but "a necessary step in infrastructure". Nothing more.
A perfectly monospaced letter is sent towards the lands of Esshar. Hailing from Barsburg's Capital, of all places, and addressed to the remnants of the Iron Reavers, researchers of the machine spirit idealized years ago by the Lead Engineer.
Quote:I congratulate you all for your success. It is good to know that in my absence, you have not disappointed.
We have proven time and time again that the spirits are nothing but fierce dictators. That divinity is no otherworldly goal.
That, in reality, we are divine. Our technology is enough to put whatever stands against us on their knees.
Remember, however, the sayings I taught you, Reavers.
Emotions. Blood. Flaws present in frail, divine-made fleshbags.
Let steel fix your flaws, and rage against the creators who condemned us.
There is no true divinity in this world except for Mankind.
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