RedisecRedisec Sprites - Open to commissions.
Redisec here and I am currently open to commissions.

Here are some examples of my work.


[Image: BKuWg3T.gif]

(Also Titan's lance in game, although not all of the animations were added... Sad )

Looking to ask Chance to add a special snowflake spell for you? A sprite of your own would surely aid your cause.

[Image: bywKS9M.png]
[Image: Iav8KbJ.png]
(The latter armor is mostly finished and even for sale if someone wants to snatch it up. Of course I would finish unarmed. I also have other armors in store!)
Want to truly be snowflake? Hair and a weapon just ain't enough, you're going to need an armor too. Of course, with owner rights, you can share it with your crew. 

You'll find that I've made all kinds of weapons from bizzarre hammers - 
[Image: 93JcG9U.png] 

- to Swords:[Image: LW4uaka.png] 

- Staffs: 
[Image: dDyCXsu.png] [Image: inz0OY8.png]

(PM if you're interested in the staffs.)

[Image: yJ1bqrc.png][Image: x0vTnUT.png]

If the price is right, I can make you any sprite.
(Warning! I can't make sure that the admins accept your sprite if you decide that you want a genital on your base's forehead for example, but I guarantee quality.)

Don't wait up! Because after summer, it will be next to impossible to get another redi sprite until Summer 2021! 

Send me a DM on Discord


Reply to this thread with your email and we'll communicate by mail (You can also private message me your e-mail.).
Some things I've made since the last post!

Take 1: [Image: J7YgDGa.png]

Take 2: [Image: siKPjup.png]

FROM:[Image: tXEj9Qn.png]

I like to give my customer's options to pick and choose between different shadings of the same sprite as to best find their preference.

[Image: QJqcL6P.png]
[Image: a6rQaQj.png]

[Image: nXJ01bn.png][Image: q43AXVo.png] 

Last but not least, an eccentric book. Although, it is rare that I will accept these requests.

[Image: irRtMUi.gif][Image: ECCHbtV.gif][Image: UWk0I1v.gif]

FROM: Asta's Grimoire, Black Clover.

Swing by my discord! Redisec(Sprites)#6037
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