[Image: thrn.png]
"I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts,
I cannot repair."
Key/Character: Altera/Parsley
+++attendees: ???
It isn't about leadership. It's about knowing herself, the things that she has invoked in this life and will continue to touch upon. Her greatest fear has become being removed from her body, causing a dissonance within her mentality, but to cast her shackles to this fear away, she has taken one of the many items collected on her ventures and has allowed it to provide the hallucinations that she has normally been tossed toward.
What happens when the hallucinations are more than just that? What happens when she touches upon the spirits that she is far closer to than she had ever anticipated?
Perhaps only then would she get the answers to herself that she seeks.
Risk: whatever fits.
Tone: Self discovery. Connection. Learning.
Reward: Crown of Thorns.
DM: whoever would find this fun im not really pushy.
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