TheoriWisdom Past
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Character/Key: Kiastara Hargrave/Theori#5636

Attendees: N/A, probably.


'Teraphim that lived a life truly loyal to the Vale are said to manifest there on nights of a new moon, their spirits capable of lending their wisdom and care to those they’ve left behind.'

With the continuing threat of war, and the endangerment of the Vale as part of it, Kiastara feels it is time to seek out the wisdom of those Teraphim past. There is a particular place in the Vale, a grove where such Teraphim are said to manifest. However, nothing ever said that speaking to them was easy...

Risk: CoI is preferable!

Theme: Spooky, Spiritual

Reward: Spectral Sight dev, maybe a dev item too?
DM: Seeking

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