HansRichtofenDebate Game
Simple game. 
Bring up a debate about E3. Whether it be about lore or mechanics. Then the person below you will argue it. Then the next person to post as to argue it. Each subject limited to 10 posts. 
 An example: "teraphim are racist. "
"They are just prideful"
"They call other races slurs."

I'll start. 

Subject: I think sustain needs a nerf as healing your full health bar in a few seconds is overpowered. 
Solution: Make a super heal hidden. Keep heals from stacking. I:e ingrain with the nature tree heal shouldn't stack.
bro no sustain heals you for your full hp in a few seconds. sustain is fine for the most part and if you're wasting slots on your bar to heal yourself, people will more damaging movesets will win. Espically since most styles of sustain make you stand relatively still, or just around a certain area.

also nigga this is a retarded thread no cap!
this thread is now rat posting: 

whenever misha's player logs onto this game: 
[Image: hMc7Mn5E_400x400.jpg]
let’s say, you’ve been a bad girl. let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve been a naughty girl even. ok, and if you were a naughty girl you would also be my dirty little slut right? then hypothetically speaking you would be my little cumslut. now let’s say that you’re also daddy’s girl

now that we’ve established you’re both a bad girl and daddy’s girl, then i believe you’d agree with me when i say that you deserve a spanking. am i not correct? a bad girl deserves a spanking and as i am daddy, you are my girl, so i am the one who must provide punishment.
it's time to stop posting
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