Another Rhetorical WriterEnter: Syllus' Crypt
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Syllus' Crypt

Character/Key: Selena Nokamata | Rhetorical Writer#0248

Attendees: Selena & Co. (Anyone else willing to partake really)
Risk: Go nuts...
Tone: Ominous, Dangerous
Rewards: Combat Guantlet (w/ Syllus' Stone)
DM: Currently None Atm

Date: To be discussed.

Quote:Rumor has it that a powerful illusionist sought out to create a weapon capable of bending the very fabric of the world around him. Surely, most of which was likely legend, though word of their battle expertise implied of the ability to falsify perception en mass. The key to their success was implied to be a gauntlet, which he was buried with. The actual source of the power, a stone, grafted within it and charged by a covenant of gravity, time and illusion magi. While the name of the group is largely forgotten to time? The legend has it, that the radiance of the gauntlet itself spawns delusions to those who seek to infiltrate their crypt to rob their treasure to this day. Some even spouted out sights of phantoms around the area at night, as though restless souls patrolled the area to this day.

Selena had finally gotten a grasp as to where the crypt could be found! However, it turns out that she was not the only mage hunting down such unique treasures. Curious poking about, spread word to a larger group of treasure hunters intent on selling the artifact on the black market. Thus, it is a race against competition...
The first to the artifact? Wins the prize. Though, given the headstart they've managed to get on the woman and her company? It was likely that they'd set traps for her, if only to ensure their success.

What would prove more dangerous? The legend of a passed illusionist' phantom haunting the halls of their crypt? Or determined treasure hunters intent on having their way?
Barry Hintze will attend this event.
Barrachan Vatoris has joined the party.
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