ToxicityStained Hands for Mirrored Waters
[Image: MQ842n2.jpg]
 Avlainn | Cordial#4420
Attendees: The Azure Knight(s) [and Chef].
Risk: Chance of Injury/Chance of Death.
Tone: Ominous, Dangerous, Truth and Dedication Bound.
Rewards: Arondight. The continued story of Caelia Kerr as well as the location of (???).
DM: Got one.

Date: To be discussed.

Quote:And so we walk. . and walk and walk.
We've long since lost our way in the winding twists and turns of this mountain. 
And all there is left to do is keep moving forward. 
But hope has not left us and we, have not yet abandoned it.
Joey's humming is loud and 
boisterous and lets me know that we are alive and still moving.
It is this that I've clung to--this one moment of sweetness.
For what lies before us suddenly through this haze is a mountainous keep of harrowing size.
This one slice in time, with my fingers clasped between hers, with Saewyn munching on bread and Joey humming--
Is the final memory we hold to before we ascend to the realm of hel and pain. Where we will be pushed to our limits.
Chef going.
yes . .
Part two. Let's go boys.
I have been SUMMONED! Philip is ready.
The High Lord shows his support as requested.
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