ElshaMount Zion
Zion Cai

[Image: 0nAzexO.jpg]
Appearance: Blue Eyes, White Hair, Somewhat Tan skin despite Ice powers 
Attunements: Ice/Water/Armed
Mother's Appearance: Dark Hair, brown eyes, Somewhat Tan as well.
The Aged Dragonlord is a father of two drakanite children born from a local drakanite woman. As they were kept away from him due to his warring and daily life he eventually was made aware of his paternity. Not much is known of the mother only that every so often she appears and disappears. Having apprentices among the years have prepared Zion for such a task of raising two children who are preteens(can be older). Though his rugged years of training and warring have built him up more than just blood to pass on to his children.  Growing up Zion was hot headed, sly(wasn't afraid to lie), and prideful. As an adult that way of him has faded but the remnants of his sly, cunning, or hot headedness could pass on. The pride was still there however.
Accepting Two Kids boy or girl.
Fill out


Age: (12-15)

Magic: (Would like it to have something in the realm of water but if not it is fine)


Personality Quirks they might have:
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