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Inside of the cos Salis residence, there is a book that sits within the desk of young Ulfric cos Salis's bedroom. The book look recently forged and created, made by hand. It has a leather cover, skillfully bound to sheets of plain white paper.  On the front of the book, the words 'Ulfric: Enlightenment' are written neatly on the front in black marker.

Year: 1756AC. 1st quarter.

I am slowly losing my mind. The world around me is ever changing, and I feel as if I am staying the same.  I see my friends who are capable of changing the entirety of Esshar, losing motivation and doing nothing. I see others who used to be so happy and friendly, becoming dark and secluded. Yet here I am, unmoved and unchanged. My goals have stayed the same since I could remember. To bring honor to my family's name. To be a protector of Nysea.

Only now things are different.

The new queen has issued us all to leave Nysea because of this war. I understand the safety of our people is most important, but leaving the only home I have ever known? It's been hard. I am surrounded by people of Myllenoris that I don't know- people that I have a hard time trusting. To distract myself I have been throwing myself into my studies. Attempting to get the hang of holy magic, and opting to offer my assistance in helping Anastasia. She's planning something big- something that could sway the outcome of this war. I am with her all the way on this, and am prepared to lay my life down for my home. 

I will show Hiero I am not afraid to take the steps forth needed to accomplish my goal.

I've been praying to the stars for a sign. Will they hear me cry?

Anyways. I will continue to worry about the friends I fear going in the wrong direction of life, and I will do my best to change their perspectives....But I also have to think of what's best for my family and Nysea. My dear sister, Emily, as feisty as ever. She will need to be protected from the scary reality of Esshar we've been plopped into. I will protect her....Since my father isn't here to do it. I have to be the man of the family now.

I have to keep them all safe.

-Ulfric cos Salis.

P.S-  Emily stole 9,000 coins from my chest.
Stars give me strength and remind me, 
to protect her and not harm her myself.
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