KinsukeDragon Dance
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Dragon Dance
With the rise of Valero's declaration as Overlord a challenger is found in the newest Dragonlord of Theria. An announcement made publicly in the streets near the statue of Ryujin for any to hear. It quickly spreads throughout the Kingdom.

"Theria does not abide by the will of Men. No Warlord or Dragonlord is greater than the next. Only the Dragons may speak in Theria with absolute authority. With the blessing of the Fireblooded, and the Great Dragon Qzycryt, grandson of Garljing, I will challenge this claim. There will be no overlords of Theria."

Dragonlord Barrachan Vatoris challenges Warlord Valero Task's ascension to Overlord of Theria by Honor Duel.
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