Nerdlord57A Solemn Farewell and a Promise
As much as Philip wished to live in a perfect world where everyone could be happy and at peace, such was far too far from reality. Even within the own gathering of his people, there was turmoil and discourse due to the move to the fortifications of Myllenoris. He had begun to notice it slowly as he would walk around the section of war tents he had chosen to sleep in with the other soldiers and their families, beginning to understand the discontent of some of their situations. Words and plans to leave to Osrona due to the invitation of the Magistrate Tanya Volkova began to dance between the small group of Nysea Citizenry, and it would also make them a target of the misplaced ire of the majority of the soldiers that were willing to fight and die for the people they've sworn to protect.
Philip would not allow this.

So the young Prince moved to deal with the rising tensions within his own people, speaking words of kindness and understanding to both sides of the struggle. To the majority that spoke against the almost treasonous ideas of the small group of fifteen or so citizens, Philip set his foot down and sought them to stop the verbal attacks and heat towards them and their families, while also promising to assist in more vigorous training sessions with those soldiers. To the small group seeing to move to Osrona, he would gather them at the outskirts of Myllenoris and the small war camp to share a word to them.

Quote:"As much as I wish to fall to my knees and beg for you stay and help us fight against the coming horde of the Damned, I can understand your discomfort and unhappiness in the face of these turbulent times. You fear for your lives, and the lives of your family." Tired but deep blue eyes moved across the group, so the Prince could take note of the young children that resided with some of the craftsman and soldiers. "If you truly wish to make for the walls of the once Shimmering City, then I shall help escort you there. Despite your desires to leave. .you are still people of Nysea. Of Esshar. It is my duty to ensure your safety. .so I shall see it through."

In the early morning of the next day, a cloaked figure with a wickedly curved dagger would escort the small grouping of Nyseans to the gates of Osrona. The way there was trecherous due to the prowling demons in the woods about- but they were easily dealt with by the armed fellow. They were only the lesser, more animalistic kind so they could be dealt with ease. Not those Ascended kind nor the Kaors.

Handshakes, hugs, and farewells would be offered by the cloaked figure to the small grouping of fifteen or so. It appeared emotional to them but, if this was what his people wanted then he shall work for their safety. However a rolled up missive was given to an older gentleman at the head of the group, and a simple request. To have it delivered to the Magistrate. After such the cloaked figure allowed the group to enter the gates as he dashed into the forests, not seeking further confrontation. 

Whenever Tanya would receive the missive, it would appear to be written in impeccable handwriting and it'd read as follows:

To the Magistrate Tanya Volkova,

I wish to thank you for the generous offer you have given to Esshar during these trying times, and I pray that the citizenry within Osrona are healthy and well taken care of. Though I've a sneaking suspicion that is not the case, but this missive was not sent to slander upon you or your people. It was simply to make a promise. Those that wished to find safety from the bloodshed to come in the future sought safety within those grey walls you build and improve upon, and such their hopes for a happy and peaceful life with them. To foster that hope and that happiness is now your responsibility, Tanya. 

It is your duty to now foster that seed of their hope and allow it to grow to bare fruit. They are good people, with families. Possible future sources of Light for Esshar for generations to come. If I hear of you shirking on your duty to such a people and that they are only given oppressive chains and doctrines for the rest of their days I shall hold you personally responsible and I shall find them justice if such comes to pass. No matter how long it takes, for this War shall not take me. Pass on this message to your Imperator as well. The blood on his hands shall never be forgotten, nor shall it be forgiven. Hopefully you do not follow in his footsteps.

Stars Guide,

Prince Philip ras Petrakis
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