ShoelacedMy True Self
Character/Key: Auliene/Shoelaced#6374
Attendees: Parsley, Tea

The gang got their recipe, but not all the ingredients they needed in order to create a permanent genderswap potion for Auliene. The notes of legendary Magnolian alchemist Chancre Scolex describe everything that the potion required. Most weren't that troublesome to find, but one was especially coveted and troublesome for them. One of the rarest alchemy ingredients in existence, the Water Lotus Flower.

No one said it was going to be easy.

This event will follow the same group seeking out that final ingredient to begin work on Auliene's potion. It will take them to some form of treacherous jungle uninhabited by humans, due to the ravenous wildlife and unforgiving nature. It is in these overgrown conditions that a Water Lotus Flower has formed at it's center. Or, so the legend goes.

Risk: Chance of Death
Theme: Psychological horror, dysphoria, the "shadow", character development.
Reward: Water Lotus Flower
DM: Milly

trans rights or death
as stated I will DM this.
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