Unga BungaWyvern's Peak
[Image: ECRDBHS.jpg]
Character Name / Contact Info: Voraz / soshu#8895

Attendees: Voraz, Jaeger ... more to invited
Event Synopsis: As per usual, the spawn of Hel' move out in search of Progress. A Journey out of the Dreadwoods proves to be beneficial, stumbling across archaic ruins situated upon a strange Peak. - Ones that have not aged well, and most likely haven't seen a single visitor in who knows how many years. Their band have no qualms with invading it, salvaging what is has to offer, but finds that it's "Nameless" Lord does not take too kindly to it.
Tone: Spiritual, Wyverns, Dark
Risk: CoD
DM: OrikaelumDM
Specific Requests: To be discussed with the DM.
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