RandomBrownTextParty Time
[Image: ef7fa0be629fb80ef5f329186bada271.jpg]
Attendees: Anyone in Theria
Arien of Theria was one of the many homeless bastard children of Theria. Through the surprising kindness of Therian elite, he has ascended from his poverty and began the upwards trek towards strength and the draconian mindset. To celebrate the shift in perspective, Arien went through the process of organizing a party to celebrate his growth, inviting many from far and wide.
Risk: None?(unless barfights happen, in that case, low CoD)
Theme: Fun, Lighthearted, Competitive,
Reward: Will be discussed with DM
DM: Seeeking

Discord: RoboCat's Recent Spite#6902
The young Razuka Blackjack will be taking a break from his studies to join Arien
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