AdminJournal Template
Your journal should be posted in the journal sub-forum. The title should include your character's full name. This is for documenting your character's story towards any advancements such as hidden spells, power ups, items that've been crafted, etc. Anything that isn't public.

Your review thread, which is posted in the review sub-forum, is OOC communication between yourself and the staff, to not clog up your actual journal (which should be all about your character). The review thread just needs to include the name of your character in the title, and you bump it if you have any questions, or you'd like a review.

You can view various various examples of past journals in the archive, if you're looking for inspiration or an idea of how to go about things.

Here's a basic template for your journal, though feel to adjust and format your journal however you like, so long as you include the following details! These are:
Quote:Title: The thread title of your biography should only be the full name of your character and nothing else. 

Name: Character name!

Date of Birth: The year of their birth.
Roleplay Level: Their current RPL.
Allegiances: Who is your character loyal to? A specific faction or place?
Magic: Your character's abilities, any particular notes. You should clearly list all of their Magic Trees and any hiddens to begin with.

Include whatever you feel is necessary, and update as you see fit. It can be a short blurb, a series of dated events, or a mini-novel. If you want to attach logs/specific posts you can as well, so we can get insight into the scenes themselves.

These are the key moments! Some examples might be a brush with death, an alliance forged, or a political back stacking that bore fruit. Scenes that are fundamental to the character's goals and define the story told thus far. Character logs are once again optional but encouraged to provide context and expand on the summary.

Your character's goals and ambitions for the near future. This can include specific magic/abilities as well.

Things to keep in mind -
  • Hidden abilities have a requirement of 200 RPL and 18 years of age, generally, with rare exceptions.
  • All available hidden abilities can be found on this page, and they're organized into Master and Exalted tier. The latter has much higher standards for review. Most proactive characters will typically be rewarded at least one master hidden, but multiple hiddens entails more stringent reviews.
  • If you update your journal, do bump your review thread and let us know. Maybe you're gunning for a particular ability at that time, and you should request a character review for the potential reward or a denial and feedback. Let us know what you've been up to recently.
  • You do not need to include RP logs in your journal, but you can if you want to! We're often watching the more climatic scenes regardless. We may make specific requests otherwise.
  • Sometimes an admin will post a comment or make a suggestion in your review thread. Consider the journal your private space for one to one communication with the team. You can ask questions and such in the thread, too.

On custom abilities: Often times when defining a character you want to give them their own special power or fighting style, and these are considered a 'custom'. An ability that isn't coded and listed in the hidden archive. Our standards for these involve fairly enticing flavor for the ability where an existing spell cannot substitute it. 

Mechanically they're going to fairly simple. Such as:
  • Combat Style - Grants stats, potentially Attack Power/Damage Reduction. A special ability on Q: Stat boost, GCD reduction, speed up, cleanse, etc.
  • Active Buff - Grants stats.
  • Attack - A wave of projectiles, a melee attack, a beam, etc. You'd need to provide any sprites required however.
When posting on your review thread to 'bump' it for review, we're going to ask that you use the following template going forth:

Quote:Requesting Review (You can post your thoughts here!)
Character RPL:
Requesting: (Can be a spell, medic, a custom item review, or simply advice).

And make sure you remember to link to your main journal thread in the first post!

It'll simply help us organize things a bit better, and help us figure out what we're reviewing for. If you don't know what you're asking for and just want advice or a suggestion from us, you can leave it blank or request a suggestion.
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