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In the cold north of Theria, whispers travel fast of happenings within the dark. Not long after these rumors begin is an official statement released by the pen of one Sapphire Arborea, student of the Black Knight of Theria, Warlord Valero Task.
To all this may concern….
For a period now it has become evident that the presence of the occult in Theria has been at a rise, even before the Pact of Beasts was formed. I am among those that desire to see this continue in a fashion beneficial to the people of Theria as well as those involved. Not only that. . . There are perhaps those of those who do not desire to turn to the demon kin to further our knowledge and goals, these individuals need an area they can thrive within and further their pursuits. With that, I hereby establish the Lusus Naturae, an organization which intends to serve as such a space within Theria and all of Esshar at that, where the occult to thrive. 
Not just that, but there will be a strong emphasis on the pursuit of occult knowledge as well as projects, both arcane and scientific, which deal with such arts. So should you desire to further your knowledge, should you desire to delve into the dark, and should you decide to relish the freedom and opportunity of the north seek us out… 
Those of all walks of life are welcome so long as your prejudices are left at the base of the mountain. 
~Seer Sapphire Arborea

Those with a desire to further their occult pursuits in an official capacity, delve into dark sciences, or otherwise relish in the freedom of experimentation and the dark without fear of prosecution or lack of support are told to seek out Sapphire Arborea in Theria for more information. 

OOC: For more information feel free to approach ICly or contact me on discord (Zₑᵢg ₜₕₑ Gᵤₙ#5191) to arrange a scene of some sort. 
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