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Quote:The pathway to the stars is where you'll be safest. I felt safe when I first connected with Alph... So surely it'll protect me even now - right?

Contact Information: Milly!!#1888
Character Name: Anastasia ven Astor
Attendees: Whoever wants to come that is reasonable.

Synopsis: Suffering another large scale injury, Anastasia has had enough. So she opts to journey to a temple upon an island that is said to house a Chiron - the main ingredient in a White Oil. The island itself is said to have large monsters of all sorts roaming it, and the temple is ancient and old so there's no telling what lies in store for whoever chooses to go.

Risk: CoD (I assume, since it's a Chiron)
Desired Rewards: Chiron (mainly), maybe Arcanium or something else for those coming with.
DM: Still required.
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Your dear Retainer will attend, of course..
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Iron Sentinel on board.
Astrid would like to come along if she can!
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bring a felix, why don't ya
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