Shaqdaddy94Time to Hunt
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Character/Key: Tonak Botcher/ Dinoslash
Attendees: The Hunters Lodge
Tonak Botcher recieved a letter from a old friend about a village in dire trouble. Their guardian has become dangerous and unstable. The villagers spoke of peace and growth when the creature first arrived. Though a man with a dark hood and book came and things changed. Tonak decided the perfect thing to do is gather his fellow hunters and confront the situation head on. Though one can expect fate shall show things that others fear the most.
Risk: High CoI low CoD
Theme: Mythical, Dark and Adventurous 
Reward: Will be discussed with DM
DM: Seeking

Miranu will join.
Keyair will be joining!
Saranta shall join if needed! Hehee~
L-Lilith Viveiros Augustus shall assist... Yes...
Tonight, Diedrich joins the hunt.
I will DM this event
The Seishin Family
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