chanceItem Application Template
Custom weapons and other types of equipment are items that have a sprite assigned to them which isn't available in-game, set by an admin. Sometimes with upgraded stats depending on various factors.
This application should be posted in your journal.

Quote:Item Name:
Scene (with the artificer): pastebin 
Stats (suggestion):
Sprite (link):
Dev Item Crafting
When making an app for a dev item, please ensure that the thread name has [DEV ITEM] in it, and follow this template:
Quote:Item Name:
Scene/s (Logs of creating the dev item): pastebin
Grade (suggestion):
Unique Tag (i.e 'Fire Focus', etc):
Sprite (link):

SS+: Chiron, or a Chiron equivalent. Event only.
S: Primordial Essence and the like. The tier below Chiron. Event Only
A: A dev item created through the combination of other appropriate dev items and excellent development OR something meant to be a reusable part of dev-item making (i.e. a forge or special blacksmithing tools). Ideally at least three/four substantial logs, and more than one person involved.
B: A dev item created with a mix of regular ingredients and preexisting - appropriate - dev items. For something like this, you’d be looking for at least two/three substantial logs.
C: A dev item created with regular ingredients and decent development. Something you can make in one/two substantial scene. I.e. an 'Elemental Crystal' that uses Fire/Water/Earth/Wind crystals as ingredients.
D: Your regular ingredient/ore. Covers all alchemy reagents and ore that you can find in the world.

Much like Unique items, these are general grades, not entirely specific - i.e. with excellent development what you think is a B grade could actually be judged by us to be an A! And naturally, the higher the grade, the greater the impact on applications that use the item.
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