ZiagfuNot an appeal, but proof of innocence.
Look, I get you wanna have your social circles and all but uhhh.. let's combine the fact that 1: a hood isn't instantly a disguise, especially when you're always wearing a specific cosmetic item that tells you apart from someone else and not actively making changes to either profile or even your /quote text. So here, here's proof that my actions were not metagaming, and subsequent reason. I'm not about this social club thing sooooo yeah, also here's the result just up to the ban.

>>Here<< is the proof of the knowledge presented.
>>Here<< is the resulting actions after learning that the singular demon he had any intent on playing nice with, a strict trade ordeal

So yeah, if you're gonna ban me for 
[Image: 29a0babe140336a86fab382aa815d948.png]
Just come out and say that you're banning me just because you don't like me rather than salting in ooc that 'I was in disguise' when a few other characters got merked even when they put more effort into their disguises than a hood. Mind you I don't really care at this point, given the sheer favoritism by a majority of the DMs and the uhh.. 'in-explicitly dwindling' player base for 'reasons unknown' (Not at all related to favoritism and social cliques vying for a seat in the spotlight ). Just stating my piece. Peace. Angel
please stay banned. you're trash.

EDIT: and in no way do these logs actually expose me for anything. It's clear that you're reaching..

You've been reaching for quite some time and the way that you've roleplayed it has been seen as well.

You want people to take you and your accusations seriously, then perhaps, you shouldn't do things like this:

How about you not post logs that are blatantly exposing others and opening them up to metagame?
   [Image: tumblr_mbgeb1w16O1r4pvb5o1_500.gif]
>tries to prove that he’s not metagaming
>posts logs on a public form containing meta game

incredible play, a master stroke.
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