NoobHuggerBan but fuck it
Noobhugger33 obviously.

Milly showed you my side. But did she show you hers? How she non stop called me scummy as well as her son for not knowing a fucking rule? Fuck her. IDC. She cant bully someone and expect not to get backlash.

If she just told what I fucking did wrong. And how to not do it again. I would have complied. Instead she was a slag about it.
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For clarification of whatever admin looks this over I guess.
You've played long enough that you know that isn't how that works, but... Yeah.
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Maybe you could have told me what I did wrong. Instead of fucking insulting me.

(07-05-2020, 03:07 AM)NoobHugger Wrote: Maybe you could have told me what I did wrong. Instead of fucking insulting me.
Instead of teaching me how to better myself. You insulted me.
There is a point where couple of times behavior becomes repeat behavior. You need time to deal with the issue you're going through. You needed and requested time away, only to wind up coming back the next day. As someone who knows how it feels, you should just take this time to back up and deal with life for a bit. Recollect and recompose yourself then when you're doing better, try again.
Your right. I am sorry Milly. I freaked out. ITs too late now but I am sorry for tweaking on you. If my ban is not perma. May I request three months. To give myself time to fix and recoup?
You've had a few chances now and you continue to act extremely abrasive despite multiple warnings. For now, this ban is indefinite.
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