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"Our music is our Alchemy."

The Moralis family was once a travelling band of performers of Metaphysical Magic and supposedly otherworldly alchemical tinctures. Families ranging from the wealthy to the impoverished were excited whenever the 'Circus' was in town. It was considered a marvelous experience, though they hadn't earned their nobility till the late 1200's. The stories are murky on how the Moralis came to nobility during the 1200's, but every tale follows a similar setting:

Quote:Twas the tenth cycle of the Circus's arrival within Osrona, whispers were carried through the streets of the current crowned Monarch's withering at a mere sixty years of age, how the Monarch had become weak and vulnerable. One of their final desires was to see the circus in its full. It's said it reached the Patriarch of the family's ears, Montgomre Moralis! A humbled invitation was sent to not only the Crown but to the Noble Houses of Osrona! At the bequest of Mister Moralis, the Crown allowed for the performance to be performed within the castle itself, barring those of the working middle and lower classes from attending.

It is said that during the performance, the Monarch was beseeched to be apart of the act, drawn through the crowd and seated upon a throne of silver and gold, the performers of the Moralis family played mystical illusionary magics portraying the Monarch's most recent achievements. From before the withering of their aging body, applause and cheers echoed throughout the theatrics but that was not the most magnificent of all!

For it is said, that during the play the Monarch begun to grow healthy and vibrant with each sip from the gilded chalice of wine that'd been offered to enjoy throughout such a mystical performance. By the end, those that attended said that the Monarch looked ten years younger! Full of vim and vigor.

In the weeks after, the rumors of the Monarch's ailing health had subsided entirely, and many believed the Monarch had returned to their full strength. Not only that, but many Moralis performers had begun spreading the word of the Crown's newfound strength both far and wide. It is said that for healing the pains and aches of age, the Moralis family was offered nobility and a place to settle within the walls of Osrona. To thrive amongst the wealthy elite...

The method of the Monarch's supposed return to health has been a thing of debate between royalists and historians alike. Was it truly a mythical tincture of youth? Or was it all a ploy of chronomancy and illusions to convince the masses otherwise? Regardless, it is universally agreed by both that Ser Montgomre Moralis secured his bloodline's future by showing the masses that the Crown was just as strong as it ever was, and that there was naught to fear as long as they were in charge, giving the Monarchy a face of unrivaled health and potency in its time of need.

Throughout the passing decades those that would come after Ser Montgomre were obsessed with the legends that bought their family into Nobility. Wishing to replicate the supposed Potion of Youth, they would begin to focus inwards on magical alchemy. Thus, the practice of combative magic begun to die out entirely among the Moralis forcing them to rely heavily upon Champions and hired help for such things as honorable bouts or protection. Because of this they became known for their vast array of alchemical potions and medical knowledge. With the majority of potions never reaching the windows of shops within the Capital City, as they are instead given directly to the crown. Whispers that the potions brewed for the crown are things of dubious morality are prevalent among the lower class, but such sentiments remain unfounded thus far. Regardless, their continued work and the provided tinctures have solidified their loyalty, and use to the Monarchy.

Whereas the Patriarch or Matriarch of the family, alongside the eldest chosen to be the next in line for such a title, are known for being shun-ins only seen during events hosted by the Monarchy due to their focus on providing brews for the Crown. The younger generation are known for their socialite status and budding desire to converse. Many are seen bringing in the working or lower class into the household for employment, where they are supposedly "educated", as one of the younger Moralis siblings have said. Many say that those that come out of this education seem far less hostile than they once were! Cheerful and amicable, prone to laughing at simple jokes or smiling even when taking a viscous thrashing, whilst also singing praise of the family's generosity.

Others however, have noted that some of those that had been hired on to work, have simply.. Vanished. When questioned, the acting face of the younger generation of the Moralis family, Ser Adlebert Moralis, simply said that they'd been sent to work at Greener Pastures! One of the herbal plantations outside of the capital city, though nobody other than the Wealthy Elite has seen the plantation, it's said to be a cozy, homely place.

The family is desperate to cling onto the blood lineage of nobility, and thus to have a chance at becoming the next Patriarch or Matriarch of the family, the two eldest next in line are required to have at the minimum two children whom can compete with one another for the future title. Those that marry into the Moralis family will adopt a naming style where their previous surname is used as an initial middle name. So if a Michael Vollun married into the family, he'd become Michael V. Moralis. This is done to keep track of partners and avoid placing someone of outside blood into the position of Head of the family.

Lastly, the insignia of the family is one that comes from their long lost status as metaphysical magical performers. The theatrical set of masks known as Comedy and Tragedy wrapped by a crimson ribbon.
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