chanceAuction Houses of Esshar
Louisa Task
Item: Arcanium
Bid: 6,000
Name: Esbern cos Salis
Item: Arcanium
Bid: 6000 coins

If there are any left, at least!
Current character: Esbern cos Salis
Discord: Eccentric Song#7121
[Image: Y0w3MAp.png]
Item: Lunar Talisman
Bid: 60,000
Character: Mars
Bidding closes! 
A-Help for your item & to have the coin deducted! Make sure to have the coin on hand when you do so.

Transceiver Schematics, 30000: Grants the transceiver recipe to a T1 artificer of choice. Artificers can study a transceiver and take it apart / put it back together to apply for the recipe in the future.
Name the artificer that will be unlocking the recipe in your a-help, and make sure they're online when you do so!
- Boa
- Basil
- Ophelia

Eye of the Tiger, 4400
- Hades Task

Lunar Talisman, 60000
- Mars

Arcanium, 6000
- Xyth
- Kofe
- Shira
- Cassius
- Romani
- Walter
- Adder
- Valencia
- Lousia
- Esbern
NOOOOO! I missed all this fun bidding wars!

Im a broke ass nigga so definitely not here to bid but loved the bidding on the potion and talisman. Man those were some serious bids! Let's have another one!
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