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Throughout the Kingdoms of Esshar there are several highly regarded auction houses that frequently offer notable goods, from useful, rare trinkets to powerful enchantments.  When such an event takes place the markets is abuzz with the noise of bartering, the hustle and bustle of the denizens of the land. The flash of the afticers lair, the fizzle and pop of the alchemists abode, and the surge of powerful magic from the runewriter's guild! The best of the tradesmen often gather in these hubs, either to make it rich or to learn from their peers.

Rules of Conduct
  • You may only bid on one item per round. You bid by posting, including your character name & amount of coin, and your bid must be at least 10% higher than the previous one.
  • Bidding remains open from 48 hours of the round post. Unsportsmanlike behaviour of the 48 hour rule will be investigated and rectified. Only bid if your character actually has the coin available in their inventory at the time of your post, and you should not be sharing coin with another to maximize chances of success; your coin is your own once you place a bid.
  • Some items may be sold in multiples and these have a set price to them. They're first come first served.
  • You may respond to bids with in-game action after the auction concludes, but not during. 
  •  If your character has not been actively roleplaying within the past week you're not permitted to bid or use a middleman to do so for you. This includes passing off coin to help others.
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Name: Transceiver Schematics
Cost: 30,000c (Three Available)
This invention is considered to be the pinnacle of artificing, originally conceptualized based on the telepathic waves that the mind is capable of producing. An elegant, metallic handheld device that has space for the user to input keys to send written messages up to a thousand miles away. Transceivers on the same network receive the message after a brief lag delay. This has been employed in elite squadrons of magi across Esshar for battlefield communication, though its high cost of production and the skill level required to artifice the device makes it particularly rare.

You are purchasing the schematics of a transceiver, not the actual device. This includes detailing on the different parts, how to put to together, the wiring and the rune network - The sigils and glyphs, and how to align them. Only a skilled artificer (tier 1) can master the recipe.

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Name: Potion - Eye of The Tiger
Starting Bid: 6000
A concoction brewed by an alchemist that admired the vertical-shaped iris of the beastkin race, wanting to imitate it. This potion is said to do just that, though it may have more harmful side effects (or beneficial, depending on your perspective).

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Name: Arcanium 
Cost: 6000 (Ten Available)
The crusades deep into Barsburg territory have been particularly contentious, with neither the Coalition forces or the eastern enemy making much headway. But one particular mercenary band returned with a wagon full of treasure from a successful hit, and much of it was off loaded into the marketplaces to further fund the war effort. The rare ore, arcanium, was among the offerings.

[Image: DiILXUc.png]
Name: Lunar Talisman
Starting Bid: 10,000
A celestial trinket born of cataclysm, this article is said to have fallen with the Moon Golem Lamashtu in 1746. Amid the heat of the Coven’s Meteorite skyfall did stardust and a miscellany of alien material fuse to the crust of stygian lunar fragment, forming a black to golden ombré shift that radiates like specks of starlight upon the black canvas of space. Retrieved from the impact zone by a master of craft and later fused with the shimmering brilliance and magical potency of Arcanium, the Lunar Talisman is said to be a masterwork of design, as dazzling as moonlight and more desirable than even the ancient baubles within a Royal Vault.

If bidding
Bid Item: Transceiver Schematics
Character: Boa

Bid: 30,000c

"This is exactly what I'm lookin' for, truthfully, somethin' worthwhile t' work on." - Boa
Ophelia Montclaire
Item: Transceiver Schematics
Bid: 30,000
[Image: 2q4F7fG.png]   [Image: unknown.png]
Bid Item: Lunar Talisman
Character: Walter Docro

Bid: 12,500c

"Lemme get my hands onnat."
Bid Item: Transceiver Schematics
Character: Basil

Bid: 30,000c
All transceiver schematics have been purchased! They'll be delivered soon (tomorrow).
A-Help to have your coins deducted to confirm the transaction.
Stepping into the auction house, a freshly washed man adorned in a crimson cloak approached the stage, before he made his way towards the curious elixir seated amongst the curios.

"Oh, a brew I haven't heard o' before? Sure, Six-thousand is a steal. I'll go 'head 'n make it seven."

Name: Eye of the Tiger- Potion
Bid: 7000 crowns

Character: Adder
Bid Item: Arcanium
Character: Xyth

Bid: Ima buy 5 so 30,000
Bid Item: Arcanium
Charater: Kofe
Bid: 6,000c
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