MillyRadiance in Dragon Fire
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"The sword you seek is not here. No longer.
Balmung lies in the mountains up north. A knight came, long ago, seeking its strength to slay a dragon. It is with great caution that he was warned:
Only those who have slain a dragon may carry the dragon-slayer.
His foolishness was his end, yet, the blade remains unclaimed."

Contact Information: Milly!!#1888
Character Name: Anastasia ven Astor
Participants: Aeolus, Atlas, others are allowed to come if they speak with me ICly.

Synopsis: Thanks to her older half-brother, Alexander, the young Astor has learned the vague whereabouts of the fabled blade of her ancestor, Ersen Astor. The Radiant has her sights set upon Balmung, wishing to live up to the legacy of fabled heroes of the past. So, she gathers the A-Team for an all important mission.
Risk: Given it's Balmung, probably CoD.
Tone: Dragon slaying, Heroic, Lore heavy

Reward: Balmung (If this needs to be an event chain that's also fine), other rewards sprinkled in

DM: Searching. . .
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I already have ideas for this.
I'll run it.
I already did the vault.
I'll do this too.
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