Trenton☆ blessed by the stars; children of Odin and Aradia ras Petrakis ☆
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Quote:On the eve before the last battle for Osrona, in the War of Crowns, Odin ras Petrakis marries Aradia ven Pelleaux in what is known as the last royal wedding of the Petrakis Era. It is a last-ditch effort attempt to raise morale for their people, to make them believe in the faith of the Petrakis army before everything is lost. Those in attendance know that the wedding is not out of love, but duty.

Even so, they are the children of the stars. Blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of the house Pelleaux's blue stars, and carrying the Kingsblood of the Petrakis Lineage, their potential with Astromancy and Chronomancy is truly unlimited, like all those before them. They are the nieces and nephews of the King Alexander rei Petrakis, and the grandchildren of Serea Astor, famed Lightbringer of the Order of the First Light.

They are destined for greatness; heirs and heiresses to the House Pelleaux, and inheritors of the Crown in the worst case scenario.
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Odin ras Petrakis
"For those we have lost.."
Prince of Esshar. Master Chronomancer.
The Failsafe. Born the youngest child of the late King Aristidis rei Petrakis and Lightwarden Serea lux Astor, Odin lead an extremely sheltered early life - rarely leaving the walls of the castle until he was fifteen, protecting their young scion from the terrors of the world in attempt to keep him alive and ready, should those ahead of him in line fall. After growing tired of such a charade, he made his debut into the public eye. Although he was extremely naive, Odin was a man who fully believed in Noblesse Oblige - in the concept that those who are born with power should use their place of strength and divinity to strengthen those beneath him. Although he was not physically or magically strong, he was a Prince of the People - oft changing the viewpoints of those around him who had negative viewpoints of Nobility. On the way to avenge the murder of a dear friend, he met his untimely end at the hands of a usurper of Osrona.
He was a master of Time Magic, and the technique Chronos, as well as cosmic and gravity magic.

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Aradia ras Petrakis
"..For those we can yet save."
Head of House Pelleaux. Princess of Esshar.
The Prodigy. Aradia ven Pelleaux, in her youth, was the perfect daughter, and heiress to the house Pelleaux. Groomed from the young age of eight, she was trained to master the things that a Pelleaux practices, rather than magic, something that she only took an interest in when she became a teenager. From there, she was betrothed to Prince Odin- a Petrakis that she had always loved in her youth, and prepared by learning how to protect him. After Odin's death, she immediately became reclusive- rarely leaving her quarters, in order to raise their children and ensure that they do not lose a second parent. It was her ultimate duty as a Pelleaux- to ensure that her children lived a normal life. Aradia, recently, has turned to Celestialism to fill the void that Odin had left. She raises her children to be proper, grooming them to take over the house Pelleaux-- and in the worst case scenario, House Petrakis and the village of Nysea.
She is trained in formal swordplay, a master of basic cosmic magic, and a user of ice magic. 

If you are interested in playing one of these children, you will be treated to the following perks:
- Royalty. You are a Petrakis by blood, and have a divine right to rule in the place of the current heads of the Petrakis house if they do fall.
- Nobility. You are a Pelleaux and Astor by blood, and therefore enjoy the perks of being a noble within the settlement of Nysea.
- Magic. As a descendant of Petrakis, Astor, and Pelleaux blood, you inherit immense control over cosmic and time magic. 
- As a note, you will either be playable on 1751 or 1753.

You can apply here.
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