JkeissBlood Ballet and Temple Tango
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Character, Contact: Fenes , RedBellJay#5944(Discord)

Extra Attendees: Bay, Kitiara Mari, Revan Task

Summary: Fenes had been searching for a way to purify her blood- a way to truly be a 'pureblooded' Ookami, something that Kitiara had talked to her about once, she had done some research, trying to find a way to become pureblooded, to ahve a ritual done, and learned taht those rituals indeed existed- but she had to learn more about them, have more pages or texts of how it procedes, to avoid having to be blessed by either Asena or Saekenis. One taking her emotions away, the other making her possibly become a cannibal.
The 'purifying' of her own blood would be needed. So this ritual was needed.
After research with Bay,  and on her own time, Fenes found out a place, an ancient, ruined outpost, that doubled as a Temple for Asenites, where more 'violent' ookami would have resided in the past, ones that were able to... shift. Surely there would be a remaining sacred text to learn about the ritual- Setting out, she would be prepared to face whatever would still be in there....

Theme: Mystery, Rituals, spiritual, shifting.... bloooood... however the DM wants to take this, really, actually!

Rewards: A Dev item- a sacred text detailing how a particular blood ritual has to go, which runes, how blood has to circulate, et cetera.
-Whatever is best to give for the other attendees!

Risk: Whichever feels more appropriate for this!

Dm: Looking... Please gimme luv. <3
Welp. Having to Cancel this after a bit of consideration and talking.

So if someone wants to delete this thread, Feel free!
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