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Not going to lie. I'm pissed. But I don't see all moves.

Furthermore even if I meant well, as in use something while I thought of a caocnept is still wrong, though I sort of felt using him to teach what he could. But either way I'm man enough to accept when I make a mistake. And that was a mistake. Independent of desire to help. 

So for that I apologize.

As for Jumpy/Kofe told him ic/ooc. I'm not interested in arguing or fighting you. Take it to the ones you actually have an issue with. Danica and Demuos. You got me. You killed. Me there. You got your goal now leave me alone and let me play in peace. And no worried. I already wrote the guide. And I will put Caleb's arc so people know who I change and why.

But yes, I have a concept, I'd like to play. And I done a lot for this game as well just to let it all go down. Too many people enjoy my dev and my dming. I will not be selfish.

Thus I ask to be apologized for the ec situation.heart might have been in the right place but I should have mana amnesia them FIRST, then legit buy this and what ot.
your ban expires after 48 hours, and afterwards you're good to play - though DM privileges will naturally not be afforded given this incident
Thanks. That was pretty fair ... all things considered.

But honestly? I’m dealing with way too much to properly process this game. Not to mention a lot of IRL to handle.

I’ll be around when I know I’m good for whatever. I never really had an issue with putting out there who I am, family and all. But by that token that means my wife also knows about it. So right now I’ll take a break.

Play when I know I can actually handle it.

After all if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Right now I can’t heh.
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