ElshaWinter Solstice Tournament
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Making his way to the podium the ice like drakanite looked down upon the city.
Quote:"I hereby announce that for Theria I will be hosting the first Solstice Tournament. This show of power is to uphold the pride and strength we drakanites hold for one another. So if you believe you have what it takes to win sign up. All are welcome except demons and the like."
He looked back to the papers slightly confused as he read a certain part before another and some of the wind carried it away.

Quote:"Ahh fuck it. Resolve your beefs here n all that. But bottom line if you have the balls to win do it."

Quote:Ooc: Sign up sheet link down below.

1st place: (still deciding)
2nd place: Arcanium
3rd place: (Dev item most likely)
Name: Alessandra Toki
Age: 12+
Rpl range: 181+
City Alignment: Nysea.
What really grinds your gears: Lupins on rage potions, demons.
Google Docs Sign up sheet: Yep, I did do the sign up sheet right no worries.


The tournament will be held on Saturday 27th
Starts at 6 pm est in Theria.
 1st Winter Solstice Tournament Concluded

Misha is declared the 1st Solstice Champion
Boa with pure skill pushes his way to 2nd
3rd place given to Scarlett who was redeemed
Honorable Mention young Cassius Gracia showing strength and pride at the age of 14 making it to 4th.
Quote:"Thank you to all who came and to all who lost or missed a chance to participate catch us the next Winter Solstice Tournament in 1753. Five years from today. A better structure will be had as well as more interaction with the crowd." With that the Frozen Dragonlord Zion closed out.

OOC: Also thankyou to everyone who showed up and participated. I tried to give everyone a chance to fight and enjoy some rp.
With the year of 1752 coming closer and closer to an end Zion puts up on message boards postponing the next Solstice Tournament of 1753 due to the upcoming war. He relays that the fighting that would have been done on that year will take place on the battlefield.
With the current War reaching a turnabout and talks of challenges for Overlord, Dragonlord Zion announces the Second Solstice Tournament commencing. This time around he will be working along side Tonak Botcher rather than him being a sponser.

"For this day and this day alone is everyone allowed. Demons, Nyseans, people from Myllenoris. This is about proving you are stronger than the other faction and that you carry the most pride. Does this mean I don't hate or despise certain groups no it does not but that isn't what this Tournament is about. Winning shows that you are better than the faction you fight, and with that being said dangerous battles and deathbattles if both parties wish for it go for IT!" Zion laughs. "If you cannot keep your grit and anger within the ring you will be handled also you can send the few who you would like to represent your city I couldn't care less." 

"I will be back on a later date with the time and prizes" Zion said throwing sheets of paper from the castle within the streets as a way to state he was finished.
Tournament will be held on Saturday the 8th at 6p est.
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