MomTomboyJiuweihu's Path Pt. 1

Character: Yoshiko Taiyang
Attendees: Those that she invites. Up to 3-4.
Theme: Jiuweihu lore! Meditative! Spiritual!

Summary: Yoshiko had grown older and after her years being young and learning about her religion while also following the tenets that she needed to, she's finally reached the point where it was time to go through the three Rituals to gain Jiuweihu's full blessing.

She has invited a few of her friends and family to watch and or join her on these few trips to seek out a true Luminate so that they can experience what she has to go through by simply watching. Nothing serious or fight related until the final moments of her trials. As a kitsune that followed Jiuweihu this was a duty of hers that she had to follow through.

Reward: Has been discussed with DM with a few ideas which have been tossed out.
Risk: None!

DM: Kottmori, the Here We Go Again..
yall really think there ain't no travel ban in Sheng, huh.

[Image: source.gif]
Anastasia will go with her friend for this ritual!
[Image: 2q4F7fG.png]   [Image: unknown.png]
Nephele is willing to attend!
Aeolus likes jiuweihu and stuff so he'll go ^.^
The whole gang is already going so ig I'm going too uh ha ha!
Canceled. DM is busy with RL Sad
[Image: Yoshiko.png]
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