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Contact Information: Jash#5116
Character Name: Aeolus
Age: 18
Current RPL: 206
History of Character:
Aeolus grew up living a normal life within Osrona, raised by two loving parents alongside his brothers; Atlas and Apollo. Every morning they would wake up to see their father off as he headed out for the day to make his daily rounds around Osrona as one of the city's Knights. He also had always promised to his wife and children that he would be home in time for dinner. While his father was away, the boy often spent hours playing with his brother, pretending that he were a Knight just as their father was.
One day however tragedy struck-- talks of a war going on within Osrona were rampant and rumor had it that... Osrona was losing. The young Aeolus was glued to the couch, peeking out of the window and awaiting his fathers return. Hours passed and a knock at the door was given by a Knight who attempted to evacuate anyone he could as things were looking bad. While him and his brothers followed the Knight, their mother lied, saying that she needed to go visit and friend and see to it that they had safely evacuated when in actuality, she made her way to the battlefield to check on her husband. Since then, Aeolus had never seen either of his parents again, they were presumed to be dead. After the evacuation, he began to reside in Nysea with the rest of the remnants who still show support for the king.
Ability Development:
Joining The First Light
"Excuse me your majesty...

I'm not very strong-- rather I'm weak and a beginner when it comes to combat but even so I'd like to serve the crown just as my parents did.

Please, I'd like to know how I can become a Knight."
Quote:It had only been a few short months since the presumed passing of his parents, and though Aeolus was still grieving, he deemed it time to do something he had been hoping to ever since being a little child, becoming a cadet of The First Light. With King Alexander around, and seemingly not busy, our story begins with the young Aeolus asking the King personally to make him a cadet.
Training with Astrid
Readying her blade, the noblewoman takes a few steps back as she stands up straight. Smiling somewhat playfully as she watches Aeolous dash in for the first strike!
"Powerful. But sloppy!"
Almost in an instant, she immediately deflects his strike, turning her attention and continuing to block the other two's attacks with seemingly almost no effort. Even blocking the strikes that would come from behind her!
"Keep up your form! Don't be afraid to strike!"
Upon becoming a cadet, Aeolus sought to train and grow stronger so that he could perform his duties. He was one step closer to reaching his father's rank of Knight, as well as achieving his childhood dream. The boy asked his brother as well as some friends if they wanted to practice sword fighting with sticks, but just as they are about to, the trio is stopped by Lady Astrid of house Salis.
She gives them real swords to practice with and offers guidance with the blade-- general knowledge such as proper form and even provides a demonstration as they all come at her at once!
A smile meets Aeolus, "You are welcome, cadet Aeolus. I will expect a lot from you, but I trust you will not disappoint," where his eyes fall upon that young cadet who asked to join the Order not so long ago. One of the few rising stars among the in-shambles First Light.
And then to Atlas does he look, where the King of Esshar's emerald-cut eyes meet the deep blue and a hand is extended. A seldom done gesture in recent times.
A scarred, calloused hand that had seen many battles and even more training meets Atlas own and a firm shake is given.
"I promise. You both are the future of Osrona, remember that," parting words as that shake concludes.
With Atlas confronting the King about some rumors him and Aeolus had heard within Osrona from Romani, Aeolus chimes in and goes into more detail, relaying everything he had heard-- all that concerned him. The King responds to the two and rather than try to cover things up or simply dismiss what they had heard, he hear's them out with honesty, regaining their trust. At the end of the talk, King Alexender tells the two that they are the future of Osrona.
Who Are You

"Faced with tragedy and the loss of my parents as well as my home at a young age, I am one who rises above strife and decides my own future. A being as free as wind itself.

My heart is guided by the lights of justice, my bones controlled by nerves of steel that refuse to give in. I am Aeolus, the Blue Swordsman.

I am a force that brings the tenacity of a hurricane, all while providing the sense of peace one may feel while watching the waves of an ocean.

My path is guided by the winds of change-- as I seek to bring change to any dire situation."

Quote:After having been told by Anastasia that people can be connected to stars without being users of cosmic magic, Aeolus and his brother seek out the Stellus, Del and inquire about it. It leads to a strange history lesson combined with sparring in which Del tells the boys about the history of the stars as well as the High Angel Maltziel and Saint Mikhail Petrakis. Eventually the two are repeatedly asked the question 'Who are you?' one that gets the boy thinking and eventually while searching deep within, an appropriate answer is found.
The King's Decree
The leagues between the might of Elaide's coven and these cadets.
The leagues between demons and these cadets.
Instead of the wrath of the cosmos, there is something of more divine origin. Where light comes down and flashes from the king's hand and he draws upon his blade, held betwixt two hands.
"If you three wish to past so desperately all you need to do is get past me. So draw your blades, come," he tells them. Waiting with blade held tight.

Quote:Witch and demon attacks were on the rise-- Kendri, a friend of Aeolus and Atlas had been attacked before returning to Nysea to warn them as well as let them know that Zefa, his mentor was still fighting. Prince Odin, Aeolus, as well as Atlas were prepared to rush out and attempt to save her, only to be stopped by the King. Alexander wished to spar with them all and show them the disparity in their abilities as a warning of how powerful the coven is. In order to get past, they would have to be able to defeat him. It's a battle in which the King reigns victorious, proving to the three that they weren't yet ready. They still needed to grow.
The Champion's Might
The cadet's teeth grit in irritation, one which only grew as he spoke of Lloyd's death.
"That's-- It's not true." It was hard to contest the man's words, hard timed had fallen upon Nysea as of late and it only seemed to be spiraling down.
"Stellus Del hasn't killed anyone, only given tests and those who underwent them are still fine to this day!
I'll let you in on a little secret, Teraphim. You see us three?" He'd ask, gesturing to the line of cadets, himself included.
"We are the next generation-- the future and soon enough we'll be ready to put you all in your place, so like I said... enjoy the days to come while you still can."
Quote:What was meant to be a peaceful hunting of Lupin took a turn for the worse as Ro, Champion of Esshar and High Mistseer of Myllenoris arrived. Aeolus knew that the man wouldn't be an opponent they could beat, but due to Anastasia's charge, retreating was no longer an option. That, and he had been angered by the Teraphim's words. They'd all fall in combat, Ro demonstrating the sort of power one would expect of the winner of the Grand Tournament.

Cutting The Sun
"I... I won't let you guys... down."

They were all trying their best and with the power of friendship could surely make it through. While the other's likely intended to keep their distance, Aeolus would go forwards.
"This isn't... the real sun. It's just a man-made copy! We can do this-- we can beat it!" He'd cry out, prior to charging forwards, propelled by a burst of wind. It was hot and he could feel himself burning, but this had to be done.
"This is the blade which will cut through demons-- the blade that will cut through witches, and the blade that will cement myself as one worthy of being known as the Lightbringer some day.
I refuse to lose here!"
Quote:While on an expedition into a cave within the swamps, the A-Team  (Anastasia, Atlas, and Aeolus) found themselves stuck within a weird room that simulated space. Things seemed dire, but Aeolus was able to pierce the Sun with his blade and save himself as well as his comrades.

The pledge nearly finishes and then it does. The Knight rises, a young man. A boy that had achieved a strength that was comparable to the path of the legendary Elijah Soleis in his younger days. Stories that Alexander had read and perhaps would one day pass on. It was only a question of if Aeolus would continue to grow.

Though, now was the start of Aeolus' true journey.
Quote:After three long years as a cadet, Aeolus is promoted to the rank of Knight be Alexander rei Petrakis. He's also told that he has the making of a Lightbringer.

What Is Your Intent
"This spell, way of magic is how you turn an average blade into a proper tool to achieve what you wish," he tells.
"Concentrate and let your intent bleed into your blade. Push your magics down the edge of the blade, all the way through it," he explains. His own blade becomes fiery with magic, ramped up to maximum capacity. Where the affinity attunement causes the blade to shine brightly, to glow like some flaming sword except instead of fire there was Alexander's magic of choice, the light of the stars.

"Let me see your intent."
Quote:The King beckons Aeolus, Atlas, and Anastasia for some training. It is then that he explains the technique of channeling one's mana into their blade to turn an ordinary weapon into one fit for carrying out their intent in battle.

Entering the Shadows
[b]"I don't care who you've beaten, or how many times you've beaten them... what matters to me is that I try to take you down right here and right now.[/b]

For my family, for my friends, for Esshar." The youth would draw the blade from his back and recall Alexander's words.

Concentrate and let your intent bleed into your blade.

Gusts of wind began to blow wildly within the direction of the two before finding itself covering his blade in a veil.

"I wield this sword to extinguish the flames of evil that you all callously spread throughout Esshar. I will not lose here."

Quote:Aeolus encountered Tiernay, a man known to work with the coven. Though uncertain of if he could claim victory or not, the Knight engaged the shadow user whilst allowing his intent to bleed into his blade just as King Alexander had instructed.

Attaining the rank of Lightbringer: While it had always been Aeolus' dream to enlist in The Order of the First Light just as his father did, the swordsman doesn't intend to stop just there. It's a personal goal for him to become a Lightbringer and stand as a pillar of hope and security for all who have yet to lose hope as well as those who lack some one to believe in during the harsh times that Petrakis loyalists have been facing.
Helping the King reclaim Osrona: While his home may be destroyed, Aeolus intends to drive back those who have dared stand against the King's reign and reclaim Osrona so that the people who were forced to flee to Nysea can sleep more soundly within the walls of a city rather than a mere village. It is King Alexander's birthright to rule over Esshar and taking back Osrona is just the first step.
Standing against the evils of Esshar: Witches, Demons, and other evils plague the lands. To Aeolus it feels as though ever time he visits Theria, he ends up witnessing a death. Taking a stand against evil and injustice is something the swordsman feels the need to do, not just for himself or the people close to him, but for Esshar as a whole.
Desired Perks:
Affinity Empowerment - Wind
Additional Information:
I understand that the minimum age to apply for a hidden is 18, but I'm currently posting this application at age 17 with three days until the year change. If the year changes prior to this application's review, I will update the age accordingly.
Approved for Wind Fang! (5 rpp, req. base Bladestyle)
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