ZiagfuMerchant Dossier
Twelve years now, since I lost my last tie to humanity in those dunes. Eleven years of hunting them down, day and night. They never ended, and so I never stopped. Why should I? They killed him.
[Image: 6d0012b8834b8aebb1326bb42b84ff34--fantas...atures.jpg]
They were delicious.
Earn: 7800
Spend: 7400
Major Purchases: Prosthetic Hand - 3000. Dragons Teeth - 2000 Store - 1000

It would seem I have feelings beyond the thrill of combat. Though they have been refuted, said by some to be destined to be alone for my full life. I endured this before, why does it choose to hurt now? It doesn't matter, violence solves all of my pain. Even monsters have partners, maybe I am worse? I wouldn't be surprised.
 [Image: 30d25296944fe5d20d5f589aeb660a2d.jpg]
Have you seen what I become?

Longest back-to-back rage streak: 3 Opponents- Human, Mimic, Demon
Number of confusing thoughts: 2-
Why do I want to fight that kitsune so badly?
Why do people try to give reason Violence?
What is the self? What separates 'Me' from 'You' from 'Him' and 'It'? A sense of self worth given through words is difficult to keep from feeling like too much.  Why should I say that I am happy when I'm not. The past me would have been happy at something like this.. He would have been joyous at the prospect of being a city guard. A warrior with a cause.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR3CUl8KCGFQhPqWaMf2...Q&usqp=CAU]
It's been a long time since he's been truly happy.

Y: 1746
Earn: 12000
Spend: 11000
Major Purchases: Misc Investments - 6000, Exported Goods - 2000, Healing Tonics - 3000
Unaccounted loses: 364 - found missing some time after fight with [Classified]
Everything He's done, and ever will do is irrelevant. No one gives a shit about him, his attempts, his desires.. nothing beyond what violence he brings on them so they can feel good about themselves.
[Image: 752caa51ea125d524e97a93c9a72a63c.jpg] 
He is little more than a monster to them.
Longest gone without a serious fight: 2/5ths of a year
Suicide attempts: 1
Number of confusing thoughts: 1
Why does he try to talk, when he knows he is never heard?
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