Boneless PizzaA Family Warning
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On the beaches below Nysea, remains regretfully familiar to many can be found. Among gore and scorched sands bearing remnants of fire magic is the half intact head of a certain rat along with a thick, distinct tail. The blood stained, singed clothing of the man formerly known to those as Yersin is also present within the gruesome pile.

Whatever the exact cause of death may be, one couldn't doubt that he'd suffered till the very end.

An anonymous message scrawled upon parchment beside the remains reads as follows:
Quote:You thought you could try and take an Astor from us, did you? More than that, you believe yourselves to have some sort of claim to OUR city, the city that rightfully belongs to King Alexander. Know that soon all of you who oppose his reign will be disposed of just as this insolent little rat was. One way or another, your Family will be broken apart and the head of the false Stellus will be ours.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but in the near future we will liberate New Osrona from the clutches of you heretics at all costs. Surrender soon or expect more deaths to follow.

This is your first and FINAL warning.
It is not a letter that responds to the anonymous letter with Yersin's body. Soon after the execution of Western Stellus, Del Mer Joyau, a loud voice, identified as Romani cos Montclaire holding the Saint's Scepter can be heard ringing out through the streets of Osrona.
"Walter Docro, I hear you. And where you ask for the terms to be the trial and sentence of the King, I raise you my seven terms for peace for Nysea."
"We of Osrona demand these reparations for peace with Nysea, otherwise we march.
50 thousand crowns,
the identity and life of Yersin's killer,
the end of Slander against Osrona,
the end of violence against Osronan citizens,
Members of the Western Celestial Church to merge back under the Eastern Celestial Church and accept the Eastern Church's values,
An official apology from the ruling party of Nysea for the assault on the Baleford Bridge,
And the surrender of Alexander Petrakis for trial and sentencing at the hands of the Coalition, to take place upon Starfall tower.
Failure to comply, is war. Acceptance of these terms is peace."


"Let the terms be shared and known. We will also allow them to send one of their High Keepers to discuss the terms, but they will not be changed from what we have decided."

"Nysea will either accept our peace, or will be made to accept our peace. I will accept the violence no longer."
Following Romani's declaration, the words of Walter Docro similarly spread among Osronan citizens.
Quote:"With the meteorite crisis averted, and given the terms of the temporal treaty, I extended an offer to all parties to cooperate in the coming push against the Coven, with the intention that it would feed into the eventual growth of a united front against Barsburg - one of the same nature Theria had proposed.

Nysea was not excluded from our offer of diplomacy and peace negotiations. Prince Odin and the Acolyte by the name of Sethon were even told beforehand of our intent to cease all fire during the Valeborn's Leaders Summit.

Yet - it was never us who had sought to raze their remnants.

The royalist guerrilla continued to make desperate, reckless attempts on our lives, in daft stunts with the hopeless intent of reclaiming the throne, as well as their monolithic control and endless privilege.

With both your so called Stellus' and Prince Odin's lives claimed in equivalent exchange and penitence for the slaying of Yersin, as well as your lack of compliance in foreign negotiations, we are offering you one final chance.

The Eyepatch of Odin Petrakis, and the preserved corpse of Del Mer Joyau are sent to Nysea by the Vigilant Watch.
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