JumpyThe revival of Ilburg
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The revival of Ilburg!

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In every part of Esshar the newspapers are hit by a wave of advertising coming from Ilburg. The town's long-overdue renovations have finally taken place! From the incredible docks that lead right to the sea, to the beachside properties being up for sale.

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The world is invited to come and visit the town. To have a stay, or a romantic outing by the natural wonders that grace the oasis!

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Crafters, artificers, alchemists, or anyone with great projects in mind is welcome to visit the recycled Basten Enterprise; open to the public and ready for any extensive project! Those with greater plans are invited to contact Overseer Kofe for extensive use of the rooms.

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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
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The revival continues, even from below!

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After long considerations Ilburg has decided to open the temple to Njorun to the public, alongside with it is the old city that predates the current day Ilburg by over a thousand years. Renovations were long, but it is now open for all and any to rent to their heart's content.

A festival is to be held in the coming years to celebrate the new district. A sermon to Njorun and those who have passed will be held on (Wednesday June 10th at 8 PM EST).

Newspapers are filled with pictures depicting the city in the sands' underground.

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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
Festival moved to Thursday the 11th due to cosmic inconveniences.

and hey maybe it'll be a memorial for those who die on wednesday...
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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
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The festivities in Ilburg had a turnout that seemed disappointing at first, though in due time it grew to something great. Drinking, eating, talking, and more importantly fighting was part of it all.

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In some odd bad luck the journalists covering the event found themselves unable to retrieve photographs of Walter's defeat in the sands, some speculate it to be merely a rumor, claiming the head of Osrona's military was far too great to lose a drunken fight.

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As the festivities calmed down Overseer Kofe brought his guests to the Temple of Njorun, displaying it for all to see and making a declaration that rung loud and clear amidst a silent crowd. One that was published word for word.

Quote:"Death is naught but the beginning of our endless battle against the forces of Helheim.


Those who were brought down by the servants of the Dark Lord had the opportunity to go to the spirit realm in peace — or in an everlasting battle — ripped from them. The forces of the Coven has only grown in numbers since that meteor nearly came down and destroyed a third of Esshar.

Yet, here we stand. We stand where others will never be able to stand once more.

Most of you already know that my beloved, my bonded one, my wife Ella was taken away from me by the likes of Nebula, of Nox, of those hellish Demons. Marriage bound her spirit to mine, yet, it was broken. Shattered. Anchored elsewhere in her last moments.

Ella Gracia will never rest in peace so long as those abominations from outer space remain, so long as those Demons remain, and so long as those witches still roam our world. The Dark Lord's defeat is one that must be brought.

After her death I have roamed Esshar seeking answers, only to stumble upon an old friend of mine: Grey. Some of you may know them as Eden. Eden was... a fearful one. A coward, yet, held more courage than anyone I've ever met in the deepest parts of their heart. They were willing to do anything to please another.

When Eden was captured by the coven they struck a deal with Nebula herself: To bring a sacrifice in order for their life to be spared. A few people knew of such, yet, they knew not of the full truth. Eden wished never to be scared again, to be strong... just like Nebula. They pursued witchcraft, secretly, and it's with an emotionless tone that they accepted Ella's proposal to sacrifice herself to 'save' them in time of dire need.

It's thanks to Finley, Ella's willing sacrifice never came. I owe it to him.

That being said... with the information I had learned, with what I knew was true, I found the answer to what I sought. I vowed to destroy witchcraft, to honor the life of a woman who will never be able to meet her destiny in the spirit realm. A spiritmancer like no other, bound to my very own Rhoynish ancestry had her spirit and her essence spilled all over the world— sacrificed to usher forth the end of an era.

My vow, at that moment, took its first step towards completion.

I, Kofe of the Ilian, have slain the apprentice witch Eden, much like I have slain the warlock Eureka Edwards.

Their betrayal, the way they cared not for others but for their own cowardice over the life of another was their downfall. I have sent a letter to Odin ras Petrakis to explain as much, for he found himself trusting one who would have led him down his own brother's history.

And so, with this, I wish to honor each and every person that has passed.

Njorun. Natasa. Ilian. Bear witness to this moment."
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Vriska Wrote: yeah having an MCU loki icon is pretty cringe huh
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