ShmoitsShmoits Ban Appeal, Admin Unknown
Key: Shmoits

Ban Duration: Permanent, I believe.

Date of Ban: Unknown

Reason Supplied: I know I was banned because I refused to change my character's last name. Permanently banned, for that. Yep.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I was roleplaying for like a month with this one group of people, Vidya or something. It was a vampire faction and I was in line to eventually become one of them. But, there was this one chick or something that I made a joke about on discord and she got super pissy. I was told "You can no longer participate in our roleplay." which admittedly I was salty about. So, I created a character with the last name Aydia or whatever THEIR last name was backwards. A little bit to troll, but also just for catharsis. I had been planning on playing this, I had my profile all ready, I knew what I was going to spec into. Then the carpet is just pulled out from under me. I didn't insult anybody, I didn't do anything terrible. I just created a parody copy of the character I was allowed to play and because somebody couldn't BARE that my last name was their last name backwards I was permanently banned.
Trying to justify that situation isn't really a great way to begin considering how indefensible the behaviour was:
You also weren't banned specifically for that, but refusing to change your backstory following an unpleasant exchanges of a-helps.

But since it's been over a year you've been unbanned. Keep in mind that this means the ban may be reinstated if similarly problematic issues arise.
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