ScylvestrusBan Appeal: Scylvestrus and Company
Key: Scylvestrus, Crudi937

Ban Duration: Unspecified, Permanent IP Ban from what I can gather

Date of Ban: 5/23

Reason Supplied: My computer has crashed a few times since the ban, and I've had to restore previous setting so I lost the screenshot. But if I am not mistaken Avajain wrote me before the ban something to this effect: 

"You can't roleplay fart fetish" and "Learn how to speak english" 

I am paraphrasing, the screenshot I took was corrupted.

I'm not sure if I was banned or if my computer broke. Regardless, it does say that I am banned when I try to login on boy of my Byond keys, and guest accounts too. 

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: I have been playing for a few years now, and I love to write Lore with our team of writers. 

I think I should be unbanned because I contribute great development to essential characters in our Chronicles of Esshar.

Also I didn't know that passing gas on the benches of Osrona was against the rules. My deepest condolences for the aggravation and irritation.
Hey, there was nothing in the ban message that insulted your writing. The ban was dealt for reposting the same backstory RP over and over (which is against the rules) & what was perceived as trolling/improper behaviour.

This is the RP you repeatedly posted:
[Image: wyUhzoN.png]

And the 'fart' RPs:
[Image: b3904ae5205ceacc521adb579f1b426b-png.jpg]

[Image: emuDSWP.png]
My deepest apologies. I sincerely did not mean to spam my origins, I have a bad memory sometimes I forget that I post things when I write from notepad and copy paste. I didn't mean to troll anyone, or be inappropriate.
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